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Deciding on a Food Truck Builder

When deciding on a food truck builder, the process should be taken seriously, as it's an investment that requires evaluation, research and confidence in your builder. APEX encourages every person considering a food truck to visit our 50,000 sq. ft. manufacturing space to ensure you understand our quality-driven processes, and can visually experience the APEX difference. The visit to the Kansas City area will provide a clear direction so you are able to make an educated decision after the discussion with our team. Deciding on a Food Truck Builder

Elements on Your Onsite Visit Important for Deciding on a Food Truck Builder

A. Facility Tour: 50,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing, engineering, design and office space

B. Meet the Team: Put a face with the name! The APEX team is proud of our family dynamic. You will meet the Production Manager, Project
Manager, Engineer/Design Team, Sales & Support Team, COO, CFO & CEO.

C. Design and Engineering Collaboration: The site visit will include a collaborative meeting with applicable departments to discuss your
specific build design, engineering, and production process.

D. Education: Discuss the differences in vehicle types for your specific project: truck vs. trailer; and other important factors affecting this

E. SPEC Series vs. Custom: Our team will explain the differences between the SPEC Series, which are pre-designed and pre-engineered, and
can be built within four weeks; and the Custom series, which falls outside of the realm of the SPEC units. You will gain an understanding of which path best suits your needs.

F. Project Design Schedule & Timeline: The process of our design and engineering is explained and demonstrated for similar projects.

G. Production Schedule & Timeline: One of the APEX differences is our production process. You will gain insight into our process to ensure
your unit is built with the highest level of quality and within the scheduled time frame.