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5 Reasons to Buy a Custom Food Truck

Investing in a food truck is a business decision, and similar to any other business decision, requires research, planning, and a monetary investment. Once you have committed to a solid business plan for your food truck business, it is time to explore 5 reasons to buy a custom food truck.  5 Reasons to Buy a Custom Food Truck

Why Buy Custom Food Trucks vs. Used, Cheap Food Trucks?

Some entrepreneurial restaurant owners begin their research and find several less expensive, refurbished food trucks on the market. From eBay to Craigslist, the vision of bringing a used food truck to life with a DIY mentality could see appealing. The old says "you get what you pay for" can be subliminally taunting you as you see a $40,000 food truck - fully equipped (regardless of the equipment quality) as a great deal. And for some, that is a perfect solution to get your food truck business started. However, for the restaurateurs, or catering entrepreneurs, or brands utilizing a custom food truck for product sampling, many other factors come into play when making an investment in yourself, your business, and your vision. Looking to finance your food truck? Fill out a contact form to begin!

Let's discuss the 5 Reasons to Buy a Custom Food Truck

Reason 1: Building out a custom food truck to fit your specific needs.

When deciding to build a custom food truck, you are given the opportunity to design your concept. Within APEX's design and engineering department, our Custom process includes 3D renderings, drawings, floorplans, and pricing of your custom food truck, to ensure you are clear on exactly what you are receiving. During the design stage, adjustments to the layout can be made to increase efficiency and throughput. Once the design is complete, our engineering department will begin the process of ensuring your vehicle meets all codes, regulations, and can be built to your specifications. Upon approval, the custom food truck build process starts in our 50,000 sq. ft. production facility.

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Reason 2: Judge a book by its cover. 5 Reasons to Buy a Custom Food Truck

Many foodies frequenting food truck rally's do just that - judge the truck by its exterior. When it comes to creating an appetizing and inviting environment for your patrons, it's crucial that your custom food truck exterior and cooking equipment portray the quality of your food being served. If the exterior of your food truck resembles a roach coach, the quality and credibility of your food and brand drastically decreases. On the flip side, if the exterior of your custom food truck is wrapped with vibrant graphics supported by a solid aluminum exterior, paired with high quality stainless cooking equipment, your guests will become more engaged with their experience and trust your product and the cleanliness much more. Just another solid point of the 5 reasons to buy a custom food truck.

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Reason 3: A cheap food truck could cost you more in the end.

From the amount of business lost while you're cheap food truck is being repaired time and time again to the amount of money being spent on each repair, a cheap food truck could be a money pit with a high business failure rate. Investing in a high quality, custom food truck from APEX will provide you with peace of mind in knowing your food truck craftsmanship is covered under an unmatched warranty. Our team of incredible craftsman are committed to delivering a high quality food truck, and back each build with a 5-yr warranty, which is the longest in the industry. Invest in your business from the beginning and know your exact cost of a custom food truck, instead of a lesser investment, but continual unexpected expenses along the way, resulting in loss of business. This may be the most important investment decision of the 5 reasons to buy a custom food truck.

Reason 4: Financing options for custom food trucks.

Reason #4 of the Top 5 reasons to buy custom food trucks is the financing aspect. Once your business plan is complete, and you're exploring financing options with lenders, many may be hesitant to provide financing on a used, lower-quality food truck. The advantages to the lender are far less with a used food truck, because they are risking the truck needing repairs, replacements, unforeseen expenses, which ultimately result in lost business - and to the lender - late or missing payments. As a high quality food truck builder, APEX offers in-house financing options that may fit your business model. Give us a call to discuss how to get started with this financing process - 816.853.3360

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Reason 5: Your food truck will be your (first) or second home, and you should love it. 5 Reasons to Buy a Custom Food Truck

Food truck owners 'live' in their trucks. From prep to service to clean-up to traveling from destination to destination, a food truck owner should love the truck they spend most of their time in. This should be a consideration when deciding on a higher-end food truck, because you want to love your place of business just as much as you are passionate about your food service. When APEX builds custom food trucks, we consider our finishes to be high quality and stainless steel to allow for easy clean-up and maintenance. Our serving windows are easy to open, and over-sized to offer more light within the food truck. In addition, our trucks operate with a larger generator than other builders, so the comfort level of the air conditioning can be maintained more effectively.

We hope you found the 5 Reasons to Buy a Custom Food Truck educational and helpful as you proceed with your food truck vision. If you're ready to get started, check out APEX's custom quote tool!