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Designing Grill Food Trucks

Let's head into Day 22 and discuss Designing Grill Food Trucks

From burgers and fries to wraps, APEX understands the importance of being heard and understood while making one of the largest investments in business. APEX is committed to investing in the design and engineering process up-front, so the customer receives a unit that not only looks high-end and meticulous, but the unit also operates to the food truck industry's highest standards. Let's take a look at our most popular food trucks, which are American-cuisine, and understand the process of Designing Grill Food Trucks a bit more. Designing Grill Food Trucks

APEX has the in-house capacity to build any food or marketing truck - or trailer, and has invested specifically in a SPEC Series of units. The SPEC Series encompasses over 64 trucks and trailers across all types of cuisines, which have all been designed and engineered by our in-house team. The upfront design and engineering allows a customer to visually see a 3D rendering of the SPEC unit, understand the equipment that is included in the unit, and know the exact price. Essentially APEX is investing in the design and engineer phase by passing along the units that have been proven to be the most successful based off of past customers.

Our Griller series is the most popular line we build, as it is capable of preparing such a wide variety of food. Below is a list of possible cooking line options that are designed to provide the greatest ROI:

Option 1: 24" Garland 4-Burner Range with Oven. Two Dean 43-lb Deep Fryer. 14" Wells Flat Top GriddleDesigning Grill Food Trucks
Option 2: 36" Wells Flat Top Griddle. Dean 43-lb. Deep Fryer. 12" Wells Hot Plate 2-Burner
Option 3: 36" Wells Flat Top Griddle. 24" Garland 4-Burner Range with Oven. Dean 43-lb. Deep Fryer
Option 4: 36" Wells Radiant Broiler. 24" Garland 4-Burner Range with Oven. Dean 43-lb. Deep Fryer
Option 5: (3) Dean 43-lb. Deep Fryer. 24" Wells Flat Top Griddle
Option 6: 24" Wells Flat Top Griddle, 24" Wells Radiant Broiler, Dean 43-lb. Deep Fryer
Option 7: 24" Wells Flat Top Griddle. 24" Wells Radiant Broiler. 12" Wells Hot Plate 2-Burner. Dean 43-lb. Deep Fryer
Option 8: 14" Wells Flat Top Griddle. 14" Wells Radiant Broiler. 12" Wells Hot Plate 2-Burner. (2) Dean 43-lb. Deep Fryer

Engineering Team In-House for 3D Designing Grill Food Trucks

Designing Grill Food TrucksThe APEX experience incorporates 3D models to encourage clarity and transparency on the design and build process. For each specific project, floorplans and 3D models are rendered to size, eliminating any uncertainty of the equipment layout and configuration. The design phase allow for multiple configurations to be reviewed and evaluated quickly and efficiently with the use of 3D models.

The APEX Griller trucks have all been designed, engineered, and have an extensive build history. Griller trucks are recognized for their high quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. Let's get started with the Grill SPEC series!