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Questions to Consider when Designing a Food Truck

Let’s head into Day 9, and explore the Questions to Consider when Designing a Food Truck

Be honest... you expect your custom food truck builder to build a solution that allows you to execute your business plan and generate ROI. You don't necessarily understand the engineering back-end of the project, the wind load analysis, or mechanical elements of a food truck, but you know you need a solution that will keep your truck on the road and generating profit. Take a look at some questions to consider when designing a food truck.

APEX has invested in our design and engineer process. Our team of degreed engineers are in-house and working behind the scenes with our production team on bringing such cool custom food trucks and trailers to life. In order to get started on engineering and design basics for your food truck project, consider some of these questions.

As a current food truck owner and operator, you can probably relate to the below list of questions. Our team works with you to ensure your unit is built structurally and mechanically correct.

Things to look for on your custom food truck:

-Does the truck sit lower on one side than the other?

-Will the truck sit lower in the back than it does in the front?

-Does the truck “pull” to one side or the other when driving?

-Is there excessive/rapid tire wear?

-Does the engine labor excessively when driving? (Poor fuel mileage may be an indicator)

-Is the suspension “ride” stiff or rigid?
When you begin the design and customization phase of your food truck build, take a look at these questions to consider when designing a food truck:

-Take into account water/fuel tanks and equipment weight when full vs. when empty?

-Overkill on certain equipment? Are there any pieces of equipment that you do not use?

-Placement of heavier equipment; side to side and front to back in relationship to the axle.

-Weight distribution may require suspension upgrades.

If you have specific questions on your food truck design, feel free to give APEX a call - 816-853-3360.

We launched the 31 Days of APEX educational series with the topic for Day 8: How to Get Started on a Custom Food Truck. Are you ready to get started - begin with our quoter tool! Stay tuned for Day 10 of #31DaysofAPEX.