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Tips for Food Trucks During the Holidays

Let's head into Day 23 and discuss Tips for Food Trucks During the Holidays

As the holidays are upon us, we turn the focus to food trucks and the holidays. Tis the season to be giving, even within the food truck realm! Many factors can affect the success of a food truck during the holidays, notably the location, menu, event schedule, and weather. Below we will outline some tips for food trucks during the holidays to spreads kindness and positive energy.

According to, here are a few suggestions that you should consider when running your food truck during the holidays. Tips for Food Trucks During the Holidays

  • Give away free hot chocolate, or a hot beverage of your choice.

  • Come up with specials to lure customers to your lunch truck, especially customers who have never been to your truck.

  • Give away free food. You know, like samples.

  • Have an amazing environment that screams you and your employees are in the holiday spirit. Side note: People love being around happy people, it’s the negative ones who are toxic. If you are really feeling up to it, you can decorate your truck as well.
  • Let people know where you are going to be on social media. You, of course, let your customers know where your truck is going to be during the winter, but really get creative with your social media post. For example, say something along these lines, “While you are out shopping for presents, make sure to stop at our food truck. If you mention this Facebook post, we will give you a free cup of coffee.” Of course, you don’t have to give anything away, but the point is to attract customers.

Even as the November/December holidays dwindle, remember to keep a calendar and get involved in some of the *food-specific* holidays, including January 14th's National Hot Pastrami Sandwich Day. Check out the full calendar of daily reasons to celebrate!