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Utilizing Technology in Mobile Marketing Vehicles

Let’s head into Day 4, as the topic is Utilizing Technology in Mobile Marketing Vehicles

APEX strives to integrate technology as it parallels the brand and mission of the marketing vehicle. With a staff of in-house design and engineers, we continue to push the envelope with our clients without sacrificing the differentiating factor that makes us APEX... our high quality product. From virtual reality to RFID wearables, APEX focuses on building specialty vehicles that accommodate our clients' technical needs. 
Utilizing Technology in Mobile Marketing Vehicles

Listen to APEX’s CEO, Brad Carlson, on Utilizing Technology in Mobile Marketing Vehicles.

We launched the 31 Days of APEX educational series with the topic for Day 3: Food Truck Final Touches - Paint & Graphics. Hopefully you gained some insight on the importance of creating measurable environments and generating ROI. Stay tuned for Day 5 of #31DaysofAPEX. The topic is "What Equipment to Use in a Food Truck"