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Value of a Warranty for Custom Food Trucks

Understanding the Value of a Warranty for Custom Food TrucksValue of a Warranty for Custom Food Trucks

Purchasing a custom food truck is a business investment that requires an educated process to reach your decision for the type of equipment, time frame, budget, and builder. APEX is a custom food truck and trailer builder and is focused on providing high quality products that offer a peace of mind once they leave our lot and begin generating ROI for the business owner. Let's take a look at the value of a warranty for custom food trucks and what to look for when deciding on a builder.

2 Things to Look for in the Value of a Warranty for Custom Food Trucks

Not all warranties are created equal across the board. Many builders may offer what seems to be an appealing warranty, but when you dig into the logistics and red tape, the warranty puts your food truck (your business) at a stand-still and creates frustration, loss of income, event contract cancellations, and the risk of business failure. Here are 2 things to look for in the value of a warranty for custom food trucks that APEX believes are key to your success:

  1. Length of the Warranty 
    APEX sets the bar high when it comes to backing our products. We stand behind our products and want to give you peace of mind that your food truck is covered for 5 years. That time frame is 40% longer than any other competitor. Why? We invest in our processes, people, and products.
  2. Service Stations (Locations)
    Picture this: you're at an event and something on your food truck malfunctions. Your next step is to obviously have your food truck in to be serviced and looked at. However, all food truck builders (besides APEX) require you take the truck to their facility for all warranty work to be completed. In our opinion, that warranty really is worthless. When you account for your downtime, loss of pay, contract cancellations, traveling expenses, etc... you are essentially better off to take the truck to a local service hub and pay the bill yourself. APEX realizes the frustration and restrictions that a warranty of this nature presents, so our warranty is simple - we offer a 5-year craftsmanship warranty with the flexibility to take your truck to your local hub and send us the bill. Done. Easy, simple, clear.

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