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7 Steps for Designing a Food Truck of Your Dreams

7 Steps for Designing a Food Truck of Your Dreams

What makes APEX different than other builders? Why is our design process more elaborate and detailed?  Why are APEX food trucks generating the highest ROI?

Let's dig into APEX's 7 Steps for designing a food truck of your dreams, and eventually building an unmatched badass food truck!


Define an Equipment List & Budget Expectations
APEX food trucks and trailers range from $100-200K and are designed and built with the highest quality of craftsmanship within the industry. This step allows us to determine your kitchen equipment needs, and define a project amount (or monthly payment budget) that works for you.



Receive a Rough Estimate7 Steps for Designing a Food Truck of Your Dreams
Once your requirements are defined, an estimate for the project will be articulated to you.



Engineer & Design Retainer 
A team of design engineers will be assigned to your project and challenged with logistically, creatively, and mechanically bringing your vision to life. The amount of design retainer depends on the complexity of your design.



Dig Into the Design Process
Now it's time for the fun part!  This step is where our team of designers and engineers develop full, photo-realistic renderings of your project, both interior, and exterior.  When you can visually see your project in this format, this is the optimal time to adjust your equipment configuration in an effort to maximize efficiency and throughput. This step of our process sets us apart from other builders because we focus on the best possible customer experience and ROI specific to your goals.

7 Steps for Designing a Food Truck of Your Dreams

Price and Negotiation

After finalizing the design, and clearly understanding the end product, we will review the final pricing and finance options. Our process and price points are so dialed in, that there is little room for concessions. However, in the event, we’ve exceeded your budget (sometimes it happens) we’ll make adjustments to get you back where you need to be.



Payment and Production
This is the transactional step. You will have the option to put down an initial project deposit and finance the remainder or place half of the price down. From this point, let us do what we do best - build a badass specialty vehicle for your & your team!


Our production is process-driven and lean. Our ability to clearly define the design and engineering in the above steps allows us to build your project within 4-5 weeks. Your unit will be delivered to you nationwide after you pay the balance (unless you've financed).





Check out APEX's online portfolio of past projects, and get started on yours today!