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College Brings Courses into Food Trucks

APEX partnered with Northwest Arkansas Community College's Brightwater Center for the Study of Food to design, engineer, and fabricate a custom food truck that embarks on an inventive idea... College Brings Courses Into Food Trucks. 

Hands-On College Brings Courses into Food Trucks

The objective of the NWACC culinary truck is to serve as an education tool on how to operate a food truck business, and as a training tool for nutritional courses. The idea of bringing a college culinary program into a mobile food truck environment provides a mixture of traditional classroom-style learning and the mobility of a food truck venture. Northwest Arkansas Community College and APEX truly worked together as a team to determine the best configuration, equipment, design, structure, and elements of the mobile food truck that would fit their needs most effectively. This custom food truck build went through the same design and engineering process as someone with an existing brick and mortar restaurant, transitioning into a food truck or adding another food truck to their existing fleet. The APEX process follows the same steps, regardless of the application, and APEX's team is set up to provide a solution to the customer.

This custom-built food truck pushes the envelope for solar initiatives with the rooftop panels, which is a cool installation and application. The truck is an extension of NWACC's current curriculum within the culinary program. It's really cool to have the opportunity to partner with NWACC and design, engineer, and build a truck that is such an intricate tool for the culinary students' hand-on experience.

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