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Florida Food Truck Builders

The Sunshine State has so much to offer, including some amazing Florida Food Truck Builders. From its amazing beaches, warm weather, fairs/festivals, amusement parks, and food!  If you are considering joining the Food Truck party that is occurring in Florida, check out a list of events that will have some of the most popular Florida food trucks, which are made by some great fabricators located in Florida and across the nation.

Let's Explore Florida Food Truck Builders

Food Truck Manufacturing

  • Miami Trailer -
    • Miami Trailer is South Florida’s largest Food Truck and Concession Dealer, offering their units to businesses across the US.
  • Food Cart USA -
    • We manufacture custom food trucks specific to your needs. We work closely with our clients to ensure their mobile restaurant has everything they need for preparing delicious food.
  • M&R Specialty Trailer and Trucks
    • M&R can make your vision a reality by delivering custom trailers, trucks, and BBQ cookers to your desired specifications.
  • High Standard Customs -
    • custom concession vehicle fabrication because of our experience has put us on the forefront of the food truck and trailer industry. When we do a build, your product is built up to Florida Building Code. FBC is one of the most stringent building codes in the country. High Standard Customs High Standard Customs is a custom mobile concession fabricator specializing in Food Truck and Concession Trailer construction.
  • Food Truck Heaven -
    • We can custom build almost anything from shell to finish, specializing in Truck and Trailer manufacturing; we can also make RVs, Trolleys, Busses, or any other specialty vehicle you may need.
  • AAA Concession Trucks & Trailers
    • AAA Concession Trucks & Trailers provides a variety of mobile vehicles for vending. We can both Rent and Build Trailers, Trucks, and RVs of all sizes to events and business owners.
  • Trailer Factory -
    • We specialize in Custom and standard Cargo Trailers, though we even make things from food trucks to mobile kitchens and motorcycle trailers. Our vehicles can be built as anything from small units to large trailers with office space. Modern designs and graphics push our builds to help you succeed to your full potential.
    • Despite a manufacturing facility based in Florida, ADG Custom Food Trucks has and can build mobile vending units for people throughout the US. Whatever you can imagine we can create, from a small hot dog stand to a 20′ Food Truck, though lately we’ve only been working on the truck builds. Each truck is built to fit your needs and fully equipped from the start.
  • Concession Nation Inc. -
    • Concession Nation (also known as Concession Trailers Warehouse) opened its Ft Lauderdale business in 2006 and have already built and sold over 1,000 mobile vending units for every kind of client, from corporations to schools and football teams to public.
  • Cool Blue Custom Food Trucks -
    • We are a Signature-Designed Custom Food Truck Builder and Manufacturer who focuses on providing top-design and workmanship for Startups to Int’l Franchises.
  • Sizemore Ultimate Food Trucks –
    • We are your one stop shop for anything and everything in your food truck needs, from blueprints, to building, to Vinyl Wraps and will help you with our knowledge and expertise in this industry.
  • One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment –
    • One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment and Food Trucks is an American firm of new and used commercial kitchen appliances and equipment in addition to custom fabrication of food trucks and food trailers, located in its 100,000 square-feet facility in Orlando, Florida.
  • APEX Specialty Vehicles –
    • Recognized as a high quality custom food truck, marketing truck, and trailer fabricator, the APEX process begins with listening and understanding the customers' needs and providing all elements to make an informed decision. Our difference is simple - we offer a SPEC line of truck and trailer products, which are pre-designed and pre-engineered.

This list of Florida Food Truck Builders is impressive, but it's important to understand the process of Building a Custom Food Truck. Take a minute to read this article to get started.

Here are some of the coolest and most successful Food Trucks in Florida. Be sure to visit any one of them if you have the chance!

  • The MexZican Gourmet
  • Jefe’s Original
  • Where’s the Beef?
  • Cheezious
  • Red Eye BBQ
  • Dog Eat Dog
  • Latin Burger & Taco
  • Dim Ssam a Go-Go (Sakaya)
  • El Rey de Las Fritas
  • GastroPod
  • Curbside Gourmet
  • Crazydilla Food Truck
  • Spring In Roll Out
  • Box of Chacos
  • The Waffle Wagon
  • Sauced UP
  • Rolling Chefs
  • BC Tacos
  • Palate Party
  • Hapa Li Hawaiian Food Truck
  • The Butt Hutt Smokehouse
  • On the Fly Food Truck
  • Fusion Food Truck
  • Jalapeno Truck
  • 5 loaves 2 fish
  • Blazin Azn

Ready to hit some Fairs and Festivals in Florida? Check out this list for some upcoming fun, and food trucks! 


If you are a restaurant or entrepreneur interested in getting started on building a custom food truck or trailer, let APEX assist you throughout the process. Our in-house design and engineering team is equipped to bring your vision to fruition, with the most efficient throughput, productivity, and functionality. Check out this list of Questions You Need To Ask Your Food Truck Builder to get started! Are you ready for a quote?  Get started with APEX's Quick Quoter here!