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Custom Food Truck Builders in Philadelphia

Check out the custom food truck builders in Philadelphia as you explore the iconic vending trucks in the city of brotherly love... and food love! Pennsylvania is home to the 4th largest city in the United States, so it is no surprise that there are some great opportunities for restaurant owners, entrepreneurs, and chefs wanting to step into the culinary community via a food truck or cart. RELATED: Building a Custom Food Truck

Check out a few of the Custom Food Truck Builders in Philadelphia:

  • APEX Specialty Vehicles
    • Recognized as a high quality custom food and marketing truck and trailer fabricator for the past nine years, the APEX standard begins with listening and understanding the customers’ needs. The APEX process is different from other builders, as the focus is on the upfront design and engineering of each build that is produced in the facility. Our selective process of building only 50 custom food, marketing, sampling and experiential trucks and trailers each year.     

    Executive Auto Salon

    • Based in Philadelphia, PA, Executive Auto Salon builds food trucks and mobile kitchens for customers within the east coast: NJ, PA, DE, VA, NC, SC, TN. 
  • USA Mobile Commissary
    • We are not just a metal fabrication shop or hot dog cart builder.  We are a team of Entrepreneurs from the food service and mobile marketing industries.  These two ingredients make for a builder that completely understands “work flow” and our designs prove it.

Although, APEX Specialty Vehicles is not located in the state of Pennsylvania, they do deliver trucks all over the US, and actually custom-built one for the Philadelphia Flyers. This retail/merchandising truck was designed, engineered, and built by the team at APEX in their Kansas City, MO headquarters. Hundreds of food trucks and specialty vehicles have been fabricated in-house at this facility, and shipped to restaurant owners, agencies, brands, companies, and industrial agencies over the past ten years. Check out the portfolio of some past projects.

While you may be thinking about adding a revenue stream to your existing restaurant with food truck or trailer, check out some of the coolest food trucks in the Philadelphia area. While you are checking these trucks out, examine the quality of the truck. If you can get a glimpse of the inside of the truck or trail, check out the set up. Paying attention to these two things can help you determine, if a food truck is the right route for your business. Another thing to pay attention to, is the internal flow of the truck, and how the equipment is most efficiently laid out to produced the largest ROI. 

Food Trucks

If you are looking for these food trucks and trailers, check out some of the events listed below. This list does not include the farmer’s markets or other weekly events that occur in Philadelphia.  Again, remember to consider looking at each trucks' quality on the outside and the inside, as well as the truck business operation. Just like anything else... not all food trucks are created equal.

Lastly, are you ready to gather a list of questions to ask the custom food truck builders in Philadelphia? If so, check out these 10 Questions to Ask Your Food Truck Builder.