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New York Food Truck Builders

New York is famous for its hustle and bustle and on-the-go mentality, which is why food trucks thrive in the Big Apple. There is a food truck, or rally of food trucks, for the multiple festivals that occur in New York to celebrate its diversity and community. Here we will show you a few of the New York Food Truck Builders, some of the city's top food trucks, and festivals that you can visit to checkout the food trucks!

New York Food Truck Builders

  • APEX Specialty Vehicles
    • Recognized as a high quality custom food truck, marketing truck, and trailer fabricator, the APEX process begins with listening and understanding the customers' needs and providing all elements to make an informed decision. Our difference is simple - we offer a SPEC line of truck and trailer products, which are pre-designed and pre-engineered. If your needs are beyond the SPEC line, we offer a custom series for food trucks outside our standard. Our innovative use of design and engineering capabilities sets us apart from other builders. APEX has extensive experience in fabricating successful food trucks, and is seen as one of the top New York Food Truck Buidlers.
  • Willy Dogs
    • Willy Dogs has been in the business for over 20 years, and can make any vision you have come to fruition. The company started out with a single, hand-constructed hot dog cart over two decades ago. All the experience gained, lessons learned, and hard-work exhausted over that period, is now baked into every food truck we manufacture.
  • Shanghai Mobile Kitchen Solutions
    • Initially established to provided Chinese cooking equipment and furnishing, Shanghai Mobile Kitchen Solutions has expanded their scope to provide for any commercial, residential, and mobile application.
  • M Design Vehicles LTD
    • M Design Vehicles offers custom designed Trucks, Carts, and even Kiosks to fit your business model. Being ahead of the curve in vending standards is our pride, and you will always find we have full architectural compliance drawings for the local municipalities and landlords, along with being up to date on local and national health & fire compliance.

Regardless of the location of your custom food truck builder, it's important that you have a solid and trusting relationship with your builder. Check out the Top Questions You Need to Ask Your Food Truck Builder, so you can be prepared and ready to build a success and profitable food truck with an awesome partner.

Top Food Trucks

Festivals, Fairs and Fun

As a thriving restaurant in NYC with the desire to expand, or even an existing food truck owner wanting to upgrade or add an additional food truck to your brand, the process for designing and building a food truck should not be stressful. We can only speak on behalf of APEX Specialty Vehicles and our clients' experiences, but our partnership with client operates on open communication, transparency, and professional insight. Check out this article on Taking the Stress Out of Food Trucks for a better understanding on how to eliminate an aspect of food trucks that seems to creep up for many restaurant owners.