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Chicago Food Truck Builders

Nothing Windy about these Chicago Food Truck Builders

While you're hitting up the Windy City to check out “The Bean,” the Sears Tower, or hit the many shops and restaurants along magnificent mile... don't miss out on the amazing food trucks along the busy streets, and the Chicago Food Truck Builders that accompany that craftsmanship! Chicago is known primarily for their food and architecture, so be sure to take it all in. While you're on the go during your visit, be sure to check out some of Chicago’s food trucks that are all around town, and build by some of the leading specialty Chicago food truck builders, and other top builders that deliver nationwide.

However, if you are currently a resident of Chi-Town and you have a tasty spin on some Chicago classics, but don’t have the money to invest in a traditional restaurant, have you thought about a food truck? Check out this list of Chicago Food Truck Builders, and another few that build specialty high quality food trucks outside of Chicago, but deliver nationwide.

Chicago Food Truck Builders

  • Midwest Food Trucks -
    • Chicago’s first mobile food vehicle resource specializing in custom food trucks for sale and lease for a variety of cliental including aspiring entrepreneurs, experienced restaurateurs, and corporate brands alike, looking for food serving abilities, mobile billboard advertising, and grass roots marketing capabilities.
  • Schantz Mfg, Inc.-
    • family owned and operated mobile food truck and trailer manufacturing facility which has led the industry for over 60 years and counting.
  • Carlin Manufacturing -
    • Carlin Manufacturing produces mobile kitchens, re-located buildings, and specialty vehicles for an array of clients. Carlin’s products currently serve customers in more than 30 countries around the globe.
  • Kustom -
    • Kustom builds custom food trucks specific to your needs. We work closely with our clients to ensure their mobile custom food truck restaurant has everything they need for preparing delicious food.
  • APEX Specialty Vehicles- not located in Chicago, but delivers to brands, restaurants, and food truck owners across the country.
    • Although APEX is not in Chicago, it’s only a short drive or flight away in Kansas City, Missouri. APEX is recognized as a high quality custom food truck, marketing truck, and trailer fabricator. The APEX process begins with listening and understanding the customers' needs and providing all elements to make an informed decision. APEX difference is simple - a SPEC line of truck and trailer products, which are pre-designed and pre-engineered. If your needs are beyond the SPEC line, APEX offer’s a custom series for food trucks outside their standard.

Are you ready to peruse the city and polish up on diversifying your palate? Check out these Food Trucks in Chicago:

  • Yum Dum Truck-
  • The Tamale Spaceship
  • 5411 Empanadas
  • The Roost
  • DӧnerMen
  • La Cocinita-
  • The Fat Shallot-com
  • The Happy Lobster Truck *APEX built the second Happy Lobster Truck - see picture to the right! 
  • Aztec Dave’s Truck
  • Bruger Brothers
  • Southern Pitch
  • Chicago Pizza Boss
  • Pierogi Street-
  • Boo Coo Roux -

If you are thinking about visiting Chi-town for a fair or festival, check out some popular events where you can find the popular food trucks of the area.

Fun and Festivals in Chicago