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Food Truck 3D Designs

APEX is a design and build firm, meaning our process is driven to support our customers with the elements needed to make an informative business decision, including producing technical food truck 3D designs. These include 3D renderings, floorplans, detailed equipment lists, and a scope of work.

Food Truck 3D Designs Are Not All Created Equal

Some food truck builders will tout the use of 3D renderings and designs as part of their proposal process, but not all of the builders invest in the design and engineering time to ensure the measurements, configuration, throughput, etc are correct as well. We can only speak on behalf of APEX Specialty Vehicles, and our observations with other custom food truck builders, so we compiled a list of  "Who We Are" and "Who We Are Not" to understand what the APEX difference is all about.

Who We Are

  • Focus on designing and engineering resulting in a 3D model that supports the customers' objectives
  • Provide the customer with a project package prior to initiating the build process
    • Scope of Work
    • 3D Renderings
    • Floorplans
    • Equipment List
  • Superior craftsmanship and equipment standards (check out our project portfolio)
  • Stringent production schedule (outlined for the entire year with limited open slots remaining in 2017)
  • 5-year unmatched warranty
    • Longest & strongest in the industry
  • Limited # of builds completed each year to ensure our process aligns with the consistent quality and superior craftsmanship

Who We Are Not 

  • Job shop that begins the build without detailed 3D renderings and drawings
  • Quick, and inaccurate quoting given to the customer during the initial conversation (resulting in unexpected costs throughout the build)
  • Mediocre quality standards and unpredictable craftsmanship
  • Habitually over-promise, and under deliver on projects
    • Missing timelines by weeks, or even months
  • Commit to projects knowing the shop is over capacity, misleading the customer, resulting in lost customer ROI
  • Short-term warranty (six months is the industry standard) with restrictions

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