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Building a Custom Marketing Trailers

As the cost per customer acquisition is constantly increasing, this article is aimed at exploring some Tips for Building Custom Marketing Trailers, as an option to reach a larger targeted audience at a much lower cost. Before we begin, let's explore some of the ways companies are utilizing marketing trailers:

Display/Educational: showcasing products and having brand ambassadors/experts onsite to demonstrate the product uses, and answer questions

Marketing/Brand Awareness: create a fun atmosphere to reach your audience (examples include product samples, live music/food, games, interactiveness)

Training: companies have found that when it comes to investing in training and continual product education, traveling to employees/dealers/distributors is much more cost-effective than hosting training at the company headquarters. A custom-built training trailer is a great way to reach a larger attentive audience at a lower cost, without the downtime of travel.

Experiential: all about creating an experience. In today's market, all buyers are used to immediate gratification, so bringing an experience to your customers creates a lasting impression, along with a social media presence (free PR!). Your visitors are likely to whip out their cell phones, take pictures/videos, and post on social media outlets. Just a tip.... have your handles and hashtags ready to go!

-We hope you found one of these reason for building custom marketing trailers helpful. If you have specific questions, feel free to call APEX - 816-853-3360