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Tips for Finding the Right Food Truck Builder

With a quick google search, you'll find pages of 'food truck builders,' so this article highlights some Tips for Finding the Right Food Truck Builder to get you started on bringing your vision to fruition. Are you ready to expand your business and are looking for the best bang for your buck, without investing in opening another brick and mortar location? A food truck is a great option. However, it is critical you have the right builder/manufacturer creating your dream food truck. At this point, you need to think about what you are willing to spend. You can go the inexpensive route with a used truck and equipment, but another option is to go to a custom manufacturer who will put your vision into a new or used truck. Knowledge and expertise are important when it comes to choosing a custom builder and trusting that they have the experience to build you a dream truck is a must.  RELATED: 5 TIps for Operating a Successful Food Truck Business

Tips for finding the right food truck builder

  • Warranties and Reliability
  • Kitchen and Truck Style
  • Loving the whole process

Warranties and Reliability

When picking a truck, it’s important to find out how reliable the truck itself is, along with the installed equipment.

When choosing a used truck with equipment installed, it’s important to remember older trucks need more maintenance. It may take more energy to power up the generator; plus, older used trucks and generators may need more gas or take longer to get to the correct temperature. To top it all off, most of the kitchen equipment and the truck won’t be under warranty. If it breaks down, more money will come out of your pocket and valuable selling time will be wasted while you wait on the repairs.

A new truck and with all new kitchen equipment will come with warranties. If anything does happen to the kitchen equipment, while under warranty, you won’t have to shell out the money to get it fixed. The only money you will lose is the lost time in front of customers, but that is less likely to happen with new kitchen equipment. As an example, APEX Specialty Vehicles gives their customers all the warranty information for each piece of the kitchen equipment installed in their truck and they have a 5-year workmanship warranty on their custom builds. Their trucks may cost more but, with those warranties and high-quality workmanship, you are getting a lot of bang for your buck. Let's continue on to some other Tips for Finding the Right Food Truck Builder.


Kitchen and Truck Style

Food truck builders/manufacturer have a variety of skills. Sometimes a builder/manufacturer will feel they have perfected a certain layout and set up and will only sell certain styles and layouts. This may not fit your needs. If you are looking for a used food truck you may run into the same design issues, but also it won’t have the warranties that come with a new truck and kitchen equipment. High-end, custom builders/manufacturers will help you create your vision of your dream food truck, using an engineering design team. These types of food truck builders/manufacturers also, come with more value because of the warranties attached.


Loving the Whole Process

Getting a pre-made food truck may allow you to meet your basic needs but will you love it? With a customized truck, having everything exactly where you need it, you will love the space and get excited to get in there and work. A customized truck is going to be more expensive up front but will pay off with years of use; plus, remember this will be your office for an extended period of time before moving on to your next expansion, so you need to make sure you love it.

Each company has different ways of doing things that make them unique, and as the purchaser, it is CRITICAL that you dig deep to figure out each builder’s process and what works best for you. Using APEX as an example again, they have more of a design first then build process. They don’t begin building trucks until have they design perfected. Other companies have a process where they get a general design, begin building, and work out any glitches as they come. Because these building styles vary greatly and because you are putting a lot of money into this, it is important that you understand the builder’s process and have a relationship with the company to ensure you are truly getting everything you want. We hope you found this article, Tips for Finding the Right Food Truck Builder, helpful as you begin your food truck journey.

In the meantime, check out some cool custom projects in APEX's portfolio to get some ideas flowing!