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Habits of Successful Food Trucks

This article will highlight Habits of Successful Food Trucks to offer more insight into the highest ROI-producing food trucks and trailers on the road.  By operating a mobile kitchen, you can bring your business TO your customers and offer your food at highly foot-trafficked areas, including festival and fairs. If you are a new business just starting out, here are some tips that will help you run a successful food truck. If you're already established in your restaurant, small business or catering company, take a look at these habits of successful food trucks to increase ROI and move your food truck to the next level. The main habits covered in this article are location, branding, and social media usage because all can have the biggest impact on your business.

Habits of Successful Food Trucks

Habit 1: Stay connected on social media.

Become active and familiar on all social media platforms, or at least the main hubs: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  If your mobile business does not have a traditional store front (brick and mortar) that your customers are familiar with, then it is critical that you find another way to reach and connect with them. Using social media, you can connect with your customers, as well as engage with them. Social media consultants would suggest that you ask open ended questions or that you make a game out the differing ways you can get your customers interact with you. However, it is important to note that although it is a great way to reach new and regular customers, interacting on social media can be time-consuming if done correctly. However, the returns can be large, and exposure is limitless.  Don’t feel that you need to respond to all activity that is on your social media sites, but you do need to maintain it regularly, like adding new content - new pictures of menu items, location information, hours for the weekend, food specials, etc..Again, the more active you are on these media forms the more likely you will develop a wide and loyal customer base. Check out the next tip on Habits of Successful Food Trucks.


Habit 2: Branding

Every aspect of your food truck, appearance, kitchen equipment, truck graphics, etc. are on full display for all bystanders to see at all times. Whether you like it or not, you and your food truck or trailer are always in the lime light. As a business owner, it's important to have an inviting and welcoming food truck presence. Cleanliness is key! Each aspect of the transaction from the customers' first impression to the transaction to the food prep, and delivery impacts your branding. Is your logo and business name clearly marked on your food truck? Is your graphics package on your food truck (or paint job) nice and neat, uncluttered and clean? All aspects impact your brand, and you only have one first impression! RELATED: 5 Tips to Set Your Food Truck Apart From Other Food Trucks


Habit 3: Location, Location, Location

As any restaurant owner can tell you, one major factor for a successful restaurant or business is “location, location, location.” As a mobile restaurant, you can truly take advantage of this adage by going where the people are and where you can make the most money. The key is to make sure you have the correct permits and permissions. Many current food truck owners are part of their cities food truck coalition or network of other food truck owners, which offers a way to stay connected and gain presence within the food truck community. Being a part of a food truck coalition can be a great resource for any food truck owners just starting out. If you haven’t reached out and connected with your food truck coalitions, then take some time to research the food truck coalitions and groups in your area and scout locations of other food trucks that seem to be very successful. Also, social media is an excellent tool to find out where other food trucks are visiting.

If you need any additional tips on Habits of Successful Food Trucks, APEX Specialty Vehicles is the leading builder of high-quality food trucks for small businesses and large restaurants/Fortune 500 companies and would be happy to continue the conversation with you and your team. APEX has built some of the most successful, highest producing ROI trucks and trailers, for agencies, brands and corporations nationwide. Are you ready to take the next step? Get started on a quote here!