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Food Truck Builders in the Northwest

When you're ready to bring your vision to fruition, a geographic location shouldn't limit your specialty builder, which is why we're examining the Food Truck Builders in the Northwest. As the national leader in building specialty high-end food, marketing, and retail trucks & trailers, APEX Specialty Vehicles will offer our insight within this article. If you have any specific questions that our team can assist you with, please let us know. 816-853-3360.

Food Truck Builders in the Northwest

Food Truck Builders in the Northwest

  • Northwest Mobile Kitchens –
    • Located in Portland, Oregon, our talented team of craftsman and kitchen designers brings years of culinary experience to every project and order.
  • Seattle Food Truck Builders -
    • Washington’s leading designer and builder of Food Trucks & Trailers, Street Food Vending Carts, Concessions and quality mobile kitchens of all kinds.
  • APEX Specialty Vehicles –
    • High-quality custom food and marketing truck and trailer fabricator for the past nine years, the APEX standard begins with listening and understanding the customers’ needs. Although APEX does not specifically have a facility as one the food truck builders in the northwest, APEX has hundreds of client and brand partnerships from across the country.

If you are interested in seeing some of these companies builds or seeing other builds and designs, then check out some of these food trucks listed below. It is important to do the research and examine different trucks and Food Truck manufacturers prior to signing a contract or purchasing anything.

Food truck in Washington with their twitter handle

  • El Camion: @elcamionseattle
  • Marination Mobile: @curb_cuisine
  • Skillet Street Food: @skilletstfood
  • Maximus-Minimus: @somepigseattle
  • Yumbit Food Truck: @yumbitseattle
  • Mighty Bean Espresso: @mighty_bean
  • Buns on Wheels: @bunsonwheels
  • Cheese Wizards: @CheeseWizards
  • Pie: @sweetnsavorypie
  • Six Strawberries: @sixstrawberries
  • Street Treats: @StreetTreatsWa
  • Crisp Creperie: @crispseattle
  • Food Truck Builders in the NorthwestPapa Bois: @PapaBois_Food
  • Pompeii: @PompeiiWFPizza
  • Cathouse Pizza
  • Kiss My Grits: @kmgtruck
  • Big Dog’s: @BigDogBuzz
  • Wet Buns: @WetBuns
  • Mini The Dough-Nut
  • Munch Boss:
  • Thai-U-Up: @thaiuup
  • The Peach & The Pig: @peachandthepig
  • Mo Pockets: @MoPocketsTruck
  • CheBogz Filipino Food Truck:
  • NaanSense: @NaanSenseMobile
  • Seoul Kitchen: @SeolKitchenSea
  • Xplosive Food Truck: @XplosiveFoodTrk
  • The Box on Wheels: @theboxonwheels

You can always try and find these trucks by following their social media platforms, or you could have a bit more fun and go to the weekly street fairs and farmer’s markets in Seattle or other areas of Washington. However, it would be even more fun to go to a festival or state fair, and just happen upon some of these trucks. Below are some of Washington’s festivals or fairs to check out. Also, there are few twitter accounts in this list to check out to get a better look at what is going on in Washington’s food truck community.

Fairs, Festivals, and Twitters to follow

The food truck movement is definitely hitting the northwest region, so if you're contemplating expanding your restaurant to a mobile platform, or just starting up a food truck, check out APEX's portfolio for some inspiration. You can also request a quote here!