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California Food Trucks

  • Natural disasters happen. This year they were very powerful and dangerous; causing quite a bit of chaos. Below are some events that are coming up. California food trucks allow you to attend events while your business during construction.


    Stagecoach; Indio, CA

    Coachella; Indio, CA

    Orange County Fair; Orange, CA

    Latin Food Fest; Los Angeles, CA

    Tequila & Taco Music Festival; San Diego, CA

    Ramen Street Festival; San Francisco, CA

    Off Sunset Festival; Los Angeles, CA

    Artists & Fleas; Venice, CA

    Los Angeles VegFest; Los Angeles, CA

    Santa Clarita BBQ & Beer Festival; Santa Clarita, CA

    Fremont Street Eats; Fremont, CA

    Rock Star Beer & Music Festival; San Diego, CA

    Sacramento Mobile Food Festival; Sacramento, CA

    If the idea intrigues you, then check out some of these California food trucks:


    • Chomp Nation; Anaheim, CA
    • Devilicious; San Diego, CA
    • Kogi Korean BBQ; Los Angeles, CA
    • The Lime Truck; Los Angeles, CA
    • Crepes Bonaparte; Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, CA
    • Don Chow Tacos; Los Angeles, CA
    • Seoul Sausage; Los Angeles, CA
    • Sky’s Gourmet Tacos; Los Angeles, CA
    • White Rabbit Truck; Canoga Park, CA
    • Twirl & Dip Soft Serve; San Francisco, CA
    • Sam’s Chowder Mobile; San Francisco, CA
    • Jogasaki Burrito; Los Angeles, CA
    • Curry Up Now; San Francisco, CA

    Today, your choice California food trucks and snacks are growing. As a result, great food leads to a more enjoyable experience for your customers. Therefore, great food and food trucks can also lead to a growing customer base. New food trucks are being created with restaurant quality equipment.

    APEX Specialty Vehicles is a leading food truck manufacturer. They ready to build your dream mobile restaurant. They use quality materials to build out your dream food truck. APEX's install restaurant quality equipment to meet your needs. The APEX process is unique. Furthermore, they allow you to see every step of the building of your custom food truck. Other than APEX, here are some other food truck manufactures to check out:


    • California Cart Builder-
      • Food Truck manufacturer in Lake Elsinore, California that will meet all federal and state codes.

    •The Pro’s Food Trucks and Trailers-

      • Food Truck manufacturer in Fresno, California that Specializes in Trailers, BBQ Smokers, and Grills, Concession Trailers, Welding, Repairs, and Fabrication.

    •Legion Food Trucks-

      • Food Truck manufacturer in El Monte, California that builds each truck to order not using a cookie cutter design.
    • US Catering Trucks MFG-
      • Food Truck manufacturer in Hayward, California that is focused on providing high-quality service.
    • Kareem Cart-
      • Food Truck manufacturer in Los Angeles, California that with three decades of experience.
    • MSM Catering Trucks Manufacturing-
      • Food Truck manufacturer in Paramount, California that serves all over southern California and designs based on the customer’s needs.
    • APEX Specialty Vehicles-
      • Food Truck manufacturer in Missouri that delivers nationwide. Know of top quality manufacturing and craftsmanship. Check out some of their AMAZING past work!