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Fall is an Optimal Time to Begin Your Custom Build

Whether you're looking for a standalone food truck, an extension of your brick-and-mortar restaurant, or a specialty marketing vehicle, fall is an optimal time to begin your custom truck build. The cooler weather impacts foot traffic for food trucks, and our customers typically see fewer festivals and events where they can set up shop.

This natural business cycle frees you up to focus on your next build, with October and November being particularly ideal months to begin the exploratory process and working towards twelve weeks of dedicated design, engineering and building. It takes a proven process to design top-notch specialty vehicles, and no one else in the industry offers the structure and expertise of the APEX process.

The food-truck website Roaming Hunger (a terrific resource for anyone who's looking for tips and tricks from food-truck owners and experts) shared "61 Owners Share Secrets to Starting a Food Truck Business." In the article, Chef Alex (who owns and operates the FOOD DUDE truck) commented on the importance of investing in better equipment from the start ... especially a generator!

The FOOD DUDE is preaching to our choir! The APEX team wholeheartedly believes in a thorough consultation and design process to walk through each element of a potential design, including layout and throughput expectations, before committing to specific equipment. Because of that upfront time investment, APEX customers have an overall better understanding of their project before their build begins, resulting in greater ROI and satisfaction for the owner.

In the same article, Stefano Enjem from BrewWings discusses the importance of the design and layout before beginning the build. Those who have been through the process understand how critical it is to get details right up front, reiterating APEX's commitment to design and engineering for all projects.

“While you can save money and time going with a used food truck," Enjem says, "in the long run it can give you more headaches and comes with many unknowns. The best thing you can do is build your own truck and lay it out how you want it ... [and] an extensive preventative maintenance plan is required to be successful and reliable too.”

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Another reason why fall is an optimal time to begin your custom build: business owners can often better accommodate investments through their annual planning and budgeting processes. At APEX, we know our customers well. Our customers are more than just chefs, artists, marketers, and event coordinators; they're entrepreneurs. We understand your needs while you're working in your business, and we also understand your needs of working on your business.

A custom specialty vehicle is an investment, and we want it to pay off for you from the moment you begin working with our engineers to design the truck to the minute the vehicle arrives at your front door, and for many, many years afterwards. Our consultative process is more than simply ensuring the perfect design; we'll help you navigate funding and financing for the entire project.

APEX Specialty Vehicles offers financing options on our custom builds, so if you'd like more information, please give us a call at  800-259-4804 to discuss.

Are you ready to take the next step and begin the exploratory and research stage of finding the perfect builder? Check out this article on top Questions You Need to Ask Your Food Truck Builder.

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