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Ways to Integrate a Custom Vehicle Into Experiential Marketing

For agencies, restaurants, retail stores or entrepreneurial organizations, integrating a custom vehicle into experiential marketing efforts is a high-impact and non-traditional ideas that often generates significant return-on-investment. Experiential marketing can be viewed and interpreted in many different ways, and APEX's specialty vehicle experts bring clarity to mobile experiential marketing designed to generate greater consumer interaction and product engagement.

Many custom builders across the United States build experiential, or mobile marketing, vehicles. However, not all builders invest in a structured visioning process with customers, and fewer still understand the design and engineering required to achieve marketing goals associated with experiential marketing. Below, our experts share two primary ways to integrate a custom vehicle into experiential marketing as a way to reach a larger target audience at a much lower cost.

Before diving into details, take a look at some of the various uses of experiential marketing vehicles:

- Display / Educational: showcasing products and bringing along brand ambassadors / experts to demonstrate the product uses and answer questions

- Product and Brand Awareness: create a fun atmosphere to engage your audience (examples include product samples, live music, food trucks, games)

- Experiential: engage your audience, and get people talking! Modern buyers are programmed for immediate gratification, so bringing an experience to your customers creates a lasting impression, along with a social media presence (free PR!). Your visitors are likely to whip out their cell phones, take pictures and videos, and post on social media outlets. Just a tip ... have your handles and hashtags ready to go!

- Government / Task: build a custom vehicle that is able to execute the needed task. Mobile marketing is often as much about service as it is about experience. Our kitchen-oriented vehicles have been designed to serve meals to veterans, and builds focusing on public health have distributed medical supplies after natural disasters. From armed forces recruiting centers to mobile command centers, public entities often maximize their specialty builds for purpose and promotion.

One of the ways to integrate a custom vehicle Into experiential marketing is to design and build a multi-functional vehicle. One of APEX’s clients, Friends of Public Radio KJZZ, had a mission to create a multi-purpose vehicle targeting two audience types. The food-truck element was designed with a younger demographic in mind, enticing them to the growing popularity of mobile food vendors. At the same time, the vehicle featured a fold-down stage and built-in recording studio, designed to attract local musicians. The ability to integrate the two objectives into the one vehicle allows for dual-branding and partnering, which ultimately decreases each businesses' portion of the upfront investment. In addition, this gives the visitors to the vehicle a better, more memorable experience. Click here to download the Project Spotlight case study of Friends of Public Radio KJZZ. 

Another way to integrate a custom vehicle Into experiential marketing is to know your benchmark objectives and have a plan in place to capture ROI for measurement of success. The investment of a custom vehicle is a significant expense for many companies or entrepreneurs, and APEX understands that. We commit to our clients from the beginning by taking the time to gain an understanding of their goals and objectives and designing a custom build to match. Whether we are building a fully-functional food truck for a BBQ franchise, a custom retail truck for a professional sports team, or a massive mobile command center for law enforcement, we work with our clients to put the elements in place for success.

Forbes featured an article recently entitled 3 Reasons Why CMOs Should Embrace Experiential Marketing. The overall consensus is that experiential marketing efforts result in longer-lasting connections with consumers, more thorough means for collecting and analyzing consumer data, and a more exciting and engaging effort for your product.

Listen to APEX’s CEO, Brad Carlson, highlight how the use of an experiential or marketing vehicle can increase ROI.

Are you ready to take your vision to the next step? If so, check out our custom pricing tool here. It’s easy to get started and allow APEX to help you begin the process.