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Preparing for Food Truck Success in 2019

2019 is days away, which brings personal and professional goal setting to the minds of many. Business owners are using the next few weeks to strategize sales goals, business objectives, and budgets for the New Year. Food truck, catering, or restaurant owners are no different. This article should provide as a guide for you as you prepare for food truck success in 2019.

  1. Budget
    1. Take time to pull the 2018 budget numbers and anticipate the 2019 numbers. You may want to answer some of the following, as they will help you plan out expenses:
      1. Do you have specific food truck requirements that need to be addressed, repaired, or updated during 2019?
      2. Are there any kitchen configurations or changes you’d like to make to maximize productivity? If so, what are those costs?
      3. Do you need any additional staff?
      4. Are all of your insurance and certifications up-to-date?
      5. Do you have any menu changes that will need to be reflected in the purchasing costs this year? 
  2. Marketing
    1. Marketing your food truck business should be a high priority and can be a lucrative means of driving business organically.
    2. Spend some time creating a marketing editorial calendar, or at least an outline of some social media posts for 2019.
    3. Design a few templates using online software that allows you to create professional quality graphics. Several apps out there are available for simple, yet sleek social posts, including Canva, PiktoChart, Skitch, QuotesCover and Pixlr.
    4. Check out this article on Hootsuite that outlines 14 of the best social media apps for marketers. Below is the list, but you can find out more information on each app here:
      1. Planoly
      2. Facebook Pages Manager
      3. Evernote
      4. Captiona
      5. Hootsuite Enhance
      6. Canva
      7. Clips
      8. Cutstory for Instagram
      9. Adobe Premiere Clip
      10. Grammarly
      11. Keyhole
      12. Hootsuite Analytics
      13. Twitonomy
      14. Unmetric Inspire

 3. Scheduling

  1. After you review the 2018 events and festivals you attended, how many more can you add to your schedule for 2019? Are there any you can eliminate that were not a great fit for your food truck? Here are some options on how to learn about other opportunities:
    1. Get to know your food truck competition! Get out there and ask around or follow their social pages for information on what events they plan on attending in 2019. 
    2. Research upcoming event calendars. Expand your search within a comfortable radius and for events that may not be looked at as the most popular. They could be a great fit and provide solid ROI.
    3. Align your schedule with the crew you have onboard for 2019. Do you need additional staff for certain events? If so, get those spots filled by staff in advance so everyone is aware of the goals and expectations for the 2019 calendar.
    4. Post your ‘upcoming stops’ on your social media outlets. Make your audience aware of where you’ll be! Engage the audience in fun, and cheap, contests… for example,  if you like and share this post with 5 friends, stop by our truck at the next event for a free taco! 

As a food truck builder, APEX suggests the below tips for goal setting when we talk to our customers. The below suggestions are from an article on and is certainly relative and provides great reminders!

  • Make the goals challenging yet reachable.
  • Make sure the goals are helping with your growth and your business’ growth. If a specific goal isn’t going to make you a better person or help you become better at something, then scratch it and make a new goal.
  • Actually attach deadlines next to your food truck goals. If you don’t attach deadlines, then your goals might as well be dreams, and the two are completely different from one another, and should be treated as such.
  • Come up with a plan. Don’t just say you are going to gain more customers in 2019. Detail a strategy on how you plan to execute this.
  • Finally, make sure you continue to look at these goals throughout 2019 and make adjustments if needed. After all, you want to hit these goals, not just place them on the shelf and forget about them until next December. Hold yourself accountable to your 2019 goals all year long and reap the success!

If APEX can help with any of your food truck goals, please let us know. Our engineering and design team are onsite and can answer your questions specific to your food truck. If you're ready to take the leap and make your dreams a reality by building in 2019, check out the free quoter tool from APEX!