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Russell Stover Custom Dessert Truck

As an American classic chocolate company since 1924, Russell Stover is expanding their reach and presence with a unique, out of the box concept. The American-manufactured chocolates approached APEX Specialty Vehicles to build a unique Russell Stover custom chocolate dessert truck.  APEX agreed and happily began the design and engineering process of this delicious vision that will travel along the streets of Kansas City.

The interior of this build is designed and engineered to handle a variety of desserts, including Russell Stover’s signature chocolates, jumbo caramel apples, chocolate covered pretzels, chocolate-covered strawberries, and hot fudge ice cream sundaes. The equipment is configured to allow for the storage of frozen ingredients while maintaining the shelving space and workspace to operate efficiently.

One of the main differences in the Russell Stover custom build was the need for the unit to run off of shore power. The unit was stationed at the Kanas City Royals Stadium (Kauffman) after the launch and needed to have ample power to be self-sustained and handle a large crowd.

APEX’s engineer commented on the power supply needs for this specific project. “In order to accommodate for the offshore power, our engineering team calculated the amount of power needed based on their equipment. This calculation revealed the client's need for a 100 amp plug and a 50 amp plug (two breaker panels as well), ensuring the Russell Stover truck will continue to operate with full power when plugged into shore power.

This dessert truck, The Make Happy Mobilehas a webpage dedicated to their events and social shares around the Kansas City area. From large festivals to smaller private events, The Make Happy Mobile truck continues to drive around the streets of Kansa City just in time to offer chocolate-covered strawberries for Valentine’s Day.

APEX assembled a video of the build process for the Russell Stover custom truck. From the initial layout and 3D design to the interior and exterior buildout, and custom graphics application, the unit was truly dreamt, designed, and built-in Kansas City. Each element of the truck was fabricated at APEX's Kansas City facility. Check out the video here:

This isn’t APEX’s first time to dabble in the sweetness of a dessert truck. Our crew had the pleasure of building a custom dessert trailer for Lindy Lu’s Sweets & Bakery. This trailer was built from the ground-up in APEX's facility and serves specialty coffee, bakery goods, pastries, crepes, deep-fried
sweet treats, frozen desserts, and hand-dipped ice cream. The concept of a dessert truck or trailer is definitely drawing attention to the food truck circuit!

If you’d like to take a look at APEX Specialty Vehicles portfolio, click here. Our in-house design and engineering team is happy to discuss your ideas for a custom project. Get started by filling out the contact form here!