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Food Truck Must-Haves for Fall

This article will provide some great ideas for Food Truck Must-Haves for Fall, including festive menu ideas, the prime locations, and truck maintenance tips. APEX Specialty Vehicles builds a select number of high-end custom food, marketing, and retail trucks/trailers each year. APEX's experience paired with customer feedback has allowed us to offer this topic that we hope is helpful for other food truck owners, operators, and those considering taking the food truck leap.

Food Truck Must-Haves for Fall

Must-Have #1: Local, In-Season Flavors

Cinnamon and pumpkin spice may be the traditional indicators that fall is right around the corner, but you don't necessarily need to conform to the traditional fall flavors. Leave that to Starbucks! One of the Food Truck Must-Haves for Fall is creatively adding in some flavorful fall recipes that bring in local, in-season ingredients. Fall fruits and veggies include juicy pears, honey crisp apples and butternut squash. You can always add in the pumpkin/cinnamon flavoring to offer the perfect fall flare to your recipes. Here are a few suggestions for how to revamp your menu with your customer in mind....

Ask your customers for suggestions. Post a question or create a poll on social media asking what menu items your followers would like to see being served at your food truck. You may receive some great ideas or some that are just never going to happen, but it gives you a chance to interact and listen to your customers! Asking your friends and family can be great research, and can be just as important as finding out where your competitors are heading for the fall season.

Partner with a local farmer or market for the 'inside scoop' on what's in-season. Who knows the product better than a farmer or someone who works at a farmers market? Get to know the locals and develop those relationships.

Be mindful of the need to reconfigure your food truck or food trailer equipment to accommodate a new menu. Will you need more shelving space? Cutting boards? Refrigerator space? Fryers? Ovens? Be cognizant of your new menu items and how they will be prepped, cooked, and served within your mobile kitchen.

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Must-Have #2: Food Truck Fall Maintenance

Food Truck Must-Haves for FallThe changing of the seasons offers a great time, and reminder, to deep clean your truck, check all the fluids, and prep for winterizing your truck. Check out this article, Tips for Cleaning Food Trucks, for additional information. Nothing operates better than a clean and happy food truck!

Must-Have #3: List of Local Events

So many festivals pop up during the fall and what a better time than now to get them on your schedule! With a quick google search you can come up with a list of local events and festivals that you should be at. In addition, talk with other food truck operators and see where they're heading. Catering is also a great opportunity to supplement this season, especially with weddings, outdoor company picnics/events, and corporate meetings.

Here are a few fall food truck festivals we found across the US:

Chicago Food Truck Festival:

LA Food Fest:

We hope you enjoyed this article and found the Food Truck Must-Haves for Fall helpful. APEX Specialty Vehicles would love to answer any of your questions about designing, engineering, and fabricating the highest ROI-producing units on the road. Check out some recent projects in our portfolio!

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