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5 Food Truck Trends for Fall

5 Food Truck Trends for Fall

From artisan doughnuts and acai bowls to super food smoothies and pumpkin spice, mobile food trucks can be innovators when experimenting with menu options, especially as the seasons change. This article highlights 5 Food Truck Trends for Fall that will ensure any food truck remains relevant and instagram-worthy!

5 Food Truck Trends for Fall

Food Truck Trend #1: Seasonal Ingredients

Many food truck owners/operators take control of their own ingredient purchasing. Food trucks are different from restaurants mainly because of the restrictive storage space for ingredients. A food truck simply cannot accommodate for the storage of food for days and weeks of like a restaurant can. One of the best and most reasonable food truck trends is taking advantage of seasonal ingredients. Food operators/owners have an advantage of looking at local farmer markets and produce stands that offer the best flavor and value. Specific crops depend on a food trucks’ geographical location of course and can include the following:

  • Apples (late summer and early fall)
  • Arugula – perfect for salad mixes
  • Beets (fall through spring)
  • Cranberries
  • Edamame
  • Grapes (early fall)
  • Green Beans (mid summer into fall)
  • Okra (early fall)
  • Pears (mid summer into winter)
  • Peppers (both sweet and spicy)
  • Radishes (small and larger radishes)
  • Sweet potatoes (late summer through winter)
  • Zucchini (summer into fall)

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Food Truck Trend #2: Social Media

Social media is a MUST in 2019 and beyond. Various social platforms are available to market your food truck in an inexpensive way while reaching a large audience. Social media has many layers and can be overwhelming if not properly organized. Create a marketing plan to streamline your branding and posts. Within the marketing plan you should set goals, measure the results of the efforts, and allow for wiggle room to pivot directions and push forward.

A simple Google search will bring up many templates and suggestions for a social media marketing plan. An educational website,, has a specific template that outlines some great ideas and tips for getting social and demanding presence. Check out the template here: The content on this website outlines the factors to consider when devising a social media marketing plan, including objectives, goals (benchmarks), key performance indicators, trends, audience identification, and call to action suggestions. For anyone starting out as an entrepreneurial food truck owner, and even those veteran food truck owners that need to revamp their social presence, this content is a great resource.

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Food Truck Trend #3: Food Truck Maintenance

The changing of the seasons is the perfect reminder to deep clean your food truck – both inside and out. Refresh graphics if peeling, paint if chipping; replenish all the fluids, and prep for the colder temperatures. Check out this article, Tips for Cleaning Food Trucks, for additional information and tips. Nothing runs better than a clean and happy food truck!

Food Truck Trend #4: Local Events

So many festivals pop up during the Fall and what a better time than now to get them on your schedule!? Take advantage of the increased foot traffic, new menu ideas, and seasonal ingredients! With a quick Google search you can come up with a list of local events and festivals that you should be at. In addition, talk with other food truck operators and see where they're heading. Catering is also a revenue supplement, especially as Fall is the season for weddings, outdoor company picnics/events, and Octoberfest activities.

Here are a few Fall food truck festivals we found across the US:

Chicago Food Truck Festival:

LA Food Fest:

Uncorked and Uncapped New Jersey:

Great American Beer Festival:

For a comprehensive list of food festivals across the US, visit

Food Truck Trend #5: Samples 

Everyone loves samples so set up at a great place for foot traffic and give away new menu. You can do this while your food truck is being built to generate excitement. "Try before you buy" is effective in the food truck realm. Explore some new and creative ways to get people to try your seasonal recipes, then the rest is history!

A change in seasons brings a great opportunity for food truck owners and operators to introduce seasonal menu items, stake out at the most popular fall events, and perform proper maintenance on the truck.  APEX Specialty Vehicles is the go-to builder for specialty vehicles. They are equipped to design, engineer, and fabricate the highest ROI-producing units on the road. Check out our recent projects in APEX's portfolio!


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