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Project Spotlight: Smart Mouth Pizza

Project Spotlight: Smart Mouth Pizza

APEX Specialty Vehicles partnered with Smart Mouth® Pizza, an Atlanta-based company that provides restaurant quality pizza to middle schools and high schools in the Southeast region. This innovative brand is known for its nutritious and delicious food that continues to gain popularity on traditional school lunch menus. The goal of Smart Mouth® Pizza was to build a custom truck that has the multi-configurability of showcasing their products to potential schools and at tradeshows, as well as operating as a food truck. The company knew they needed a company to align their vision with the engineering and design needed to bring it to reality.


This project was unique for APEX's design and engineering team because it incorporated trade show quality aesthetics into the design and build of a fully-functional food truck. The length of the food truck was restricted to 20-feet from bumper to bumper, which is the maximum space allotted for trade shows. This truck was one of the smallest sizes designed and built in APEX's facility. As a reference, most custom-built food trucks range in box sizes from 18-ft to 22-ft, making the trucks a minimum of
26.5-ft from bumper to bumper (including the chassis).

The Smart Mouth® pizza truck was equipped with two ovens that can easily be interchanged for the two purposes: display at a convention/trade show and serving food from the food truck. APEX's engineering team devised a solution to ensure the oven was sturdy enough for traveling, but also mobile enough for the user to change the ovens with the other one. Another cool feature of this project was the unique awning, which was designed to split and allow for half of the awning to open. This was perfect for both food truck operation and when on display at conventions.

Project Spotlight: Smart Mouth Pizza

More about Smart Mouth Pizza

Smart Mouth® pizza is a restaurant quality pizza that students love and want for lunch.  Our fun brand is a nutritious and delicious addition to your school lunch menu. Project Spotlight: Smart Mouth Pizza

The Smart Mouth® Pizza and Smackers® Oven Baked Sandwich program makes it easy and profitable for school lunch programs throughout the U.S. to feed more kids with a healthier pizza that meets or exceeds school nutrition standards.

Since 2001 Smart Mouth® Pizza has begun servicing both high schools and middle schools in districts all over the Southeast. Most of the schools that are selling the pizza as part of their meal plan are finding increases of participation in the hundreds. Several of the schools sell 500 pizzas per day. And the first school Smart Mouth® Pizza opened in 2001 is still going strong selling more pizza today than when they opened!

Bring Your Idea to Fruition

Are you ready to launch a food truck business or are an existing business owner and want to expand into the mobile realm? Check out this article that outlines the Top 10 Questions to Ask a Custom Food Truck Builder. The key is to select a builder that is experienced and understands the importance of the design and engineering stage of the process. This is an aspect of the process that sets APEX aside from many of the other builders. The APEX process includes a significant portion of time and dedicated staff to the design, engineering, and exploration stage of the process. Before the APEX team even begins the build, the design and engineering phase should be fully complete and agreed upon by the customer. Check out the APEX project portfolio to get a better visual of the projects our team has completed.

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