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Ways to Finance Your Food Truck

Ways to Finance Your Food Truck

Many businesses across the country are jumping on the food truck trend, and understanding the ROI associated with food trucks. As any restaurant or company outlines its annual budget this month, here are some ways to finance your food truck. These tips will ensure the elements of the financial side of a specialty food truck are understood while the upfront, maintenance, and operational costs are accounted for.

Due to the popularity and price range of food trucks, it's important to understand how financing a food truck can be accomplished. The below calculations are suggestions are provided by one of the leading specialty food truck and food trailer builders in the country - APEX Specialty Vehicles. From a customer base of existing restaurant/business owners, caterers, franchisees, national brands/agencies, APEX has to experience building high-end food trucks and offers one of the most comprehensive solutions for financial a food truck. The APEX team has the means to capture the lowest interest rates throughout the seamless financial process.

According to, the keys to increase your odds of getting food truck financing include:

  • Have a good credit score
  • Have some collateral
  • Operate from a solid business plan
  • Have a credit-worthy cosigner
  • Downpayment cash on hand

When beginning the financial process, it's imperative to have several elements of your business handy to make the process even quicker. The below must be applicable for all members or owners:

  1. Corporate and Personal Financial Statements
  2. Bank Statements
  3. Tax Returns (for the past 2 - 3 years)
  4. Tax ID# / FEIN#
  5. Operating Agreement
  6. Articles or Organization
  7. Balance Sheet (if you currently own a restaurant)
  8. P&L (if you currently own a restaurant)

If you have any specific questions regarding our financing options, feel free to ask the APEX team!

As a high-end food truck builder, APEX invests in the design and engineering phase of the process. Our team invests over 50 hours of design and engineering time before the project even hits the production floor. Consequently, APEX suggests you put at least 20% down, with a 60-month payment term. Below is a snapshot of an estimated monthly payment for one of APEX's typical food truck projects:

Purchase Price              Monthly Payment
$160,000                       $2,847 / month
$150,000                       $2,669 / month
$140,000                       $2,491 / month
$130,000                       $2,313 / month
$120,000                       $2,135 / month
$110,000                       $1,958 / month
$100,000                       $1,780 / month

*The above is for informational purposes only. Terms and payment amounts will be based on the credit profile of the borrower. The above scenarios are also based on a 20% down-payment.

Ways to Finance Your Food TruckIn addition, APEX recently launched their Specialty Stock Units,which are based on the most successful units built by APEX. The units can be done quickly! Check out the below Taco Truck stock unit example:

APEX’s stock build Taco Truck is equipped with high-end, ROI-generating equipment. APEX’s in-house design and engineering team developed this stock Taco Truck by taking the most impressive features from previous builds and bringing the visions to life. The original build serves as an extension of the Fort Worth-based brick and mortar Austin City Taco restaurant.

APEX's team takes the stress out of the financial portion of building a food truck. We make it easy by providing innovative, practical finance solutions to suit your business needs. Are you ready to get started? If so, give us a call! 800-259-4804

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