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Colorado Food Truck Business Continues to Expand

Food trucks have gained exceptional popularity in Colorado over the past few years, as has the rest of the country. Cited from, according to several market research firms, the food truck industry is growing at an annual rate of around 7.9 percent, which is immense in comparison to the yearly restaurant industry growth rate of 2 percent.

3 Ways to Repurpose a Food Truck for Other Uses

Food trucks are mobile businesses that offer multiple solutions for restaurants and caterers. Beyond food trucks, specialty vehicles can be repurposed for many different configurations. Let’s explore 3 Ways to Repurpose a Food Truck for Other Uses that may serve as an additional revenue stream, especially in this unprecedented time.

5 Out of the Box Uses for Custom Vehicles

5 Out of the Box Uses for Custom Vehicles

A custom vehicle can be defined as many things… food trucks, delivery trucks, linen trucks, and beyond! Specialty builders like APEX Specialty Vehicles design, engineer, and build out step vans for out of the box uses.

3 Differences in High End Trailers

Food trailers continue the trend of gaining popularity for their mobility, durability, and customization. Many trailers are replacing brick and mortar locations because of the much lower upfront expense and are indeed finding much success in doing so. We’ve identified 3 Differences in High End Trailers that will allow you to understand the gap in pricing, finishes, and upfront design time.