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3 Differences in High End Trailers

3 Differences in High End Trailers

Food trailers continue the trend of gaining popularity for their mobility, durability, and customization. Many trailers are replacing brick and mortar locations because of the much lower upfront expense and are indeed finding much success in doing so. We’ve identified 3 Differences in High End Trailers that will allow you to understand the gap in pricing, finishes, and upfront design time.

Once you've decided to launch your business or restaurant in a mobile trailer environment, there are many options across all price points. If you simply search "food or concession trailers" on Google, you will find over 200 million results. Within the results, you can see anything from a DIY $5,000 trailer to custom-built trailers carrying a price tag of over $250,000. As with anything else, you essentially get what you pay for. If you’re investing in a $10,000 used concession trailer from Craigslist, it may indeed meet the needs of certain businesses. However, the most successful businesses invest in the design, engineering, and building of a custom trailer that addresses the specific businesses constraints.

APEX is different from other specialty trailer builders in three main ways. Let’s explore the 3 Differences in High End Trailers.

1. One difference is that APEX focuses on the customer's constraints and devises a plan that incorporates in-house design and engineering to provide a solution which eliminates all constraints. APEX's five in-house engineers focus on the technical concepts and design around the trailer platform, then the fabrication team begins the execution of the design.

Think about this... if you were going to build a commercial space out for your business, you would be given a quote and a simple floor plan to work with. APEX believes your business needs to determine the constraints, and allow our team of five industrial degreed engineers to create concepts and solutions around the technical vision. Instead of an emailed quote and sketched floor plan, APEX provides the following:

- Technical Scope of Work
- 3D Design Rendering
- Platform Specifications
- Pricing Breakdown

Once our customers are given these four elements, an objective business decision can be made with 100% transparency. APEX then begins the build process from the scope of work and 3D design elements, delivering a product with zero technical variances. This heavily engineered process allows for APEX to carry the industry’s longest and most thorough warranty.

2. The second difference is APEX’s model of building each trailer from the ground up. Every inch of their framework, walls, axles, roof, and floor are custom-built by APEX’s in-house team of talented and experienced craftsman. The durability and performance of each custom trailer is undeniably the highest on the road.

3 Differences in High End Trailers

3. The third main difference is the unmatched 5-year warranty offered on each trailer build. Cheaper builders may offer the industry-standard six-month warranty. As a boutique builder, APEX Specialty Vehicles does not operate on a high-volume production line for trailer manufacturing. Our ability to build each trailer around the clients’ custom order creates a far superior product that is built to specifications, instead of the clients’ vision being altered to fit an off-the-shelf trailer.

All of these differences bring up the point of differentiation… price. So, what are the key differences in custom-built food trailers and how can the pricing be so diversified? We'll review 3 additional aspects of the build process that demonstrates the large gap in pricing.

#1: Technology Meets Trailer Build

As technology continues to evolve, APEX invests in our processes and production team to ensure we are utilizing the most technologically efficient products. The engineering and design software we use will seamlessly bring your vision to life with our hand-made trailers. The latest technological advances in cooking equipment, airflow, integration and capacity are seen throughout all of our builds across all marketing and retail uses.

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#2: Built Code-Compliant

APEX builds food, marketing, safety, and concession trailers to meet even the most stringent codes. With extensive experience building trailers for New York and California, APEX's team will ensure your trailer is outfitted to code with consideration to all factors: mechanical functionality, aesthetics, safety/health compliance, and business codes. Our high quality builds have received numerous comments from the inspectors on quality and textbook compliance that accompanies the trailers.

#3: Experience

Experience speaks volumes. When speaking with potential food trailer builders, you may want to consider asking some of the following questions cited from a previous blog post on Top 10 Questions to Ask a Custom Food Truck Builder.
1. What is the company’s design philosophy?
2. How are your food trailers built?
3. Does the custom-built trailer have a manufacturer’s warranty?
4. What is your on-time completion rate? What is your trailer build-out timeline?
5. Can I visit the manufacturing facility?
6. Can I get a list of references?
7. Do you offer financing options?
8. Can you provide some examples of past trailer projects you not only designed, but also engineered and built?
9. Will a standard tow vehicle work for the style and design of trailer I’m looking for? If not, what type of truck or vehicle will this trailer require?
10. What are the trailer’s daily, weekly and monthly maintenance requirements?
11. Who is my point of contact with trailer-specific questions?

The list above just touches on the questions that one may ask when interviewing a food trailer builder, but it begins the dialogue and allows you to gain better insight into the expertise of the custom builders. Also spend some time looking at their social media accounts to find the food truck or trailer in action. How does it look in the real operable environment? Does the client seem to be setting up quickly and easily? Are the finishes high quality? How are the graphics? Did you find any pictures of the build process?

If you have any specific questions on your custom trailer build, APEX Specialty Vehicles is here to help you. Please give us a call 800-259-4804 or complete our contact form and we’ll be in touch.

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