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3 Ways to Repurpose a Food Truck for Other Uses

3 Ways to Repurpose a Food Truck for Other Uses

Food trucks are mobile businesses that offer multiple solutions for restaurants and caterers. Beyond food trucks, specialty vehicles can be repurposed for many different configurations. Let’s explore 3 Ways to Repurpose a Food Truck for Other Uses that may serve as an additional revenue stream, especially in this unprecedented time.

#1: Mobile Command Centers

APEX Specialty Vehicles is a leading specialty builder that specializes in the design and engineering aspects of the build process before the actual fabrication begins. APEX has extensive experience building out mobile command centers from a food truck base. The functionality of a mobile workspace is critical in many situations, including disaster relief or recovery efforts, natural disasters, SWAT/police presence or emergency response. It can be used to bring supplies, resources, assistance, and order into a region that needs additional support. Here are some applications for mobile command centers:
- Disasters
- A prime example was 9/11 when mobile command centers were deployed to offer immediate headquarters for police, fire departments, and federal investigators. Another example is natural disasters, like tornados or hurricanes, when deployment is granted in FEMA areas. The onsite offices and workstations allow for satellite briefings, press conferences, and emergency work to continue.
- Local and state municipalities or even national organizations find mobile command centers to be one of the most practical solutions for in-the-field representation during emergency and task-related situations.
- Another example of a mobile command center used for an entirely different objective is for the American Medical Response (AMR) activating multiple mobile command centers throughout Texas, South and North Carolina, and Virginia. These AMRs were tasked to provide victims of Hurricane Florence with hundreds of paramedics, EMTs, and necessary medical supplies.

- Offices
Mobile command units can be deployed for many uses in the field.
- As an example, a custom mobile command center was built for the Department of Financial Services. They used this mobile unit for setting up a temporary office that was able to provide insurance assistance to flooding victims in Rochester, NY. By providing this mobile command center, residents felt their needs were being addressed in a timely manner, instead of filing an insurance claim and waiting months and months.

- Community Outreach Efforts
- It can be refreshing to see positive community outreach efforts. Mobile command centers can be operated by government, state or local municipalities and can serve inner or rural cities. An example of this could be a local police department sending their mobile command center unit to a community even to allow children to tour the unit and ask questions. Another example can be a local business setting up their command unit at a local park or swimming pool and handing out sunscreen, drinks, and snacks to the local youth. It’s not only extremely well received from the community (who doesn’t love free stuff?!), but it’s a great way to generate brand awareness and receive positive PR.
- Mobile command centers can be portable offices to set up on site and monitor the progress. This could be an ample solution for a new construction office building to have an onsite office for contractors and executives to continue with essential business while the construction of the project continues.

3 Ways to Repurpose a Food Truck for Other Uses

#2: Mobile Medical Units

Mobile medical step vans have become more and more popular for practical use. Insurance companies have integrated the new business tool of traveling around offering wellness exams, blood testing and basic clinical services. Many healthcare providers and companies have seized the opportunity to travel to their patients, some of which have been utilizing the mammography vehicles.

High end fabricators similar to APEX Specialty Vehicles build more than food trucks. An in-house design and engineering team is already in place and has the capability to customize a step van for multiple purposes. The key to utilizing a step van as a mobile medical unit is understanding exactly what the customer wants inside of the unit. The configuration of a step van can be optimized with the proper design and expertise to accommodate for the customer’s vision. From exam rooms to a waiting area, many medical exam trucks differ in functionality and customization.
In one specific project that APEX completed for Kansas City Health Department, a custom truck was upfitted into a multi-configurable mobile clinic and command center. It is aimed at serving hundreds of Kansas City residents providing basic healthcare needs and immunizations. The unit also serves as a centralized command center during times of disaster or immediate assistance. This multi-purpose unit allows the KC Health Department an option to operate as two separate functions within the same unit.

#3: Experiential Marketing Units

Experiential marketing is an out-of-the-box way of capturing the attention of customers. Many brands find the use of a custom experiential marketing vehicle to be a perfect solution of raising brand awareness, loyalty, create social buzz, and ultimately leave a lasting impression. From 3D fiberglass to virtual reality, experiential vehicles can be designed and engineered with some really cool options. A builder like APEX has an in-house design team to lay out a custom 3D design during the proposal process. This will allow the brand to gain an understanding of the layout prior to the build process beginning. However, not all food truck builders are equipped and specialized to handle experiential marketing projects. Be sure you ask questions! What brands have you built for in the past? What was the most unique project you’ve designed and built? Can I speak with a few of your customers? Knowledge is power!

The CEO, Brad Carlson, began his venture in college and continued to push the envelope to make the APEX standard one that has never been set by other builders. “Our team takes pride in producing top-quality solutions that defy expectations and go beyond the norm. Innovation is in our blood. APEX has an undeniable recipe that allows our team of creative geniuses to thrive in a process-focused environment which drives the most spectacular craftsmanship in our industry. Our team loves what they do and it shows—from the first phone call to final delivery of your masterpiece,” stated Brad Carlson.

As APEX continues to experience growth, the Kansas City area is taking notice. Ingram’s Magazine recently published the 31st Annual Ranking of the 2016 Corporate Report 100: The Kansas City Area’s 100 Fastest-Growing Companies. Ranked in spot #35 and for the 3rd year on the list, APEX and our sister company, MAG Trucks, the leading supplier of new and used step vans, were listed for incredible growth. The publication indicated our 150.71% growth; with an average annual growth rate of 50.24%. For more information on the Corporate Report, please visit:

It’s not always safe to assume a food truck builder can expand their expertise with a specialty build in another industry. However, some builders have extensive experience doing so, and have the project portfolios to prove their success. If you’d like to take a look at APEX Specialty Vehicles portfolio, click here. Our in-house design and engineering team is happy to discuss your ideas for a custom project. Get started by filling out the quoter form here!

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