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5 Out of the Box Uses for Custom Vehicles

5 Out of the Box Uses for Custom Vehicles

A custom vehicle can be defined as many things… food trucks, delivery trucks, linen trucks, and beyond! Specialty builders like APEX Specialty Vehicles design, engineer, and build out step vans for out of the box uses. Let’s explore these 5 Out of the Box Uses for Custom Vehicles.

Let's take a look at some custom-fabricating ideas that may bring your vision to fruition.

From Mobile Retail to Catering, here are 5 Out of the Box Uses for Custom Vehicles
Let's face it, brick and mortar storefronts are extremely expensive - and risky- startups. Many food truck builders only understand and speak the food industry lingo. However, APEX is different than some of the other builders. We are a design-build firm that specializes in mobile food trucks and trailers but have the capabilities and in-house resources to complete the other specialty projects, including mobile broadcasting studio, sampling, catering, clothing boutique, and sports merchandising. Let's take a look at 5 Out of the Box Uses for Custom Vehicles...

#1: Mobile Boutique
Retail space is expensive; combined with all of the other brick mortar expenses. APEX has built several mobile boutique trucks for higher-end boutique retailers. The ability to travel TO your customers and your prime audience is a huge advantage of the mobile boutique. APEX has an in-house design and engineering team onsite to provide you with renderings and a floor plan to suit your needs.

#2: Sports Apparel/Merchandise
Many major league sporting teams are turning to mobile retail and merchandising trucks to bring the product to the fans. The ability to have your truck fully-branded with your team logo and full of sporting apparel is a great way to increase revenue stream before the big game. This avenue of sales has a lesser overhead cost than retail space, and can be reconfigured for special promotions and events that the athletic team is engaging in.

#3: Mobile Catering
From weddings to corporate events, mobile catering trucks are gaining popularity. The ability to have an industrial-grade kitchen within a custom-branded step van, increases productivity, sales, and overall visibility.

#4: Mobile Healthcare Services
From a mobile mammography truck to a dialysis-mobile, the need to bring healthcare to patients is increasing. As our population continues to age, it's a viable option of equipping a custom truck with all of the necessary medical equipment and traveling around to reach your area.

#5: Product Sampling
Market research can be expensive; so many brands have found the value in building a custom product sampling vehicle to bring the product into the lives of your consumers. Whether you're introducing a new product line, or an entirely new brand, utilizing a mobile vehicle enables you to customize the user experience.

Take a look at APEX’s online portfolio, which demonstrates the vast array of custom trucks and trailers we have outfitted.

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