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Colorado Food Truck Business Continues to Expand

Colorado Food Truck Business Continues to Expand

Food trucks have gained exceptional popularity in Colorado over the past few years, as has the rest of the country. Cited from, according to several market research firms, the food truck industry is growing at an annual rate of around 7.9 percent, which is immense in comparison to the yearly restaurant industry growth rate of 2 percent. Researchers also estimate that the total value of the U.S. food truck industry will grow to $996.2 million by 2020.

Colorado is home of some of the best slopes, concerts and events, and of course natural scenery in the US. It is also home to one of the select states where marijuana is legal to buy and sell for recreational purposes, making it the ideal place for food trucks and late night restaurants to come in and help with the munchies. After all, the Rocky Mountain high must be real, right? If you are a creative chef, Colorado could be the perfect place to begin your business. As with all businesses, it is important to think about the cost associated, along with the rules and regulations. Having a traditional storefront is costly no matter the business, especially considering the upfront cost let alone the monthly costly. Because of the upfront cost is so high, many people are getting in to the food truck business.

With a food truck the overhead cost is considerably less, as well as the monthly cost. A food truck allows, you to travel to the customer and to events where you can meet new customers. It is critical to find a food truck manufacture that can build you a truck that meets your needs. Check out these food trucks and trailers around Colorado:

APEX Specialty Vehicles custom-built a griller truck for The Farmer in the Hive, a boutique food and catering truck serving Colorado. “Quality Without Compromise" is their rule, which aligns with APEXs motto of high quality and superior finishes. Check out their Instagram page:

Colorado Food Truck Business Continues to Expand

Once the nation resumes to normalcy, be sure to check out some of these cool events around Colorado that will have food trucks present!

Are you ready to proceed with your custom food truck or trailer? Let’s explore the top
Questions You Need to Ask Your Food Truck Builder:

- How long have you been specifically building food trucks?
o This question is important to understand how the builder began fabricating custom food trucks and will help gauge their credibility within the market.
- What are the differences in my options for food trucks vs. food trailers?
o Understanding and determining which platform is best for your needs is crucial and should be outlined by the builder. Many factors should be considered when reviewing the differences, including vehicle maintenance, tow vehicles, budget, crew, etc.
- How does your process work – from beginning to end?
o Some builders over-promise and under-deliver, and to top that – are late on delivery. It’s important that your builder can clearly identify the entire build process – from design, engineering, exterior build-out, interior build-out, paint/graphics, training and delivery.

Are you ready to get a quote for a custom food truck or food trailer?

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