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How to Maintain your Food Truck

You finally have the truck of your dreams and you are eager to start serving food. Before you start cooking it is important you have a plan in place to ensure the cleanliness of your truck. If you fall behind on maintenance some unwelcoming problems can arise such as health code violations. Customer satisfaction can also be affected if your truck’s hygiene goes downhill. To stay on top of the cleaning task it is better to have a mapped-out plan before turning on the grill.

Some surfaces will need more regular attention than others. For example, the fridge might be able to go about a month before it needs some elbow grease, but the countertops should be sanitized multiple times throughout the day. Let’s dive into what should be clean and when!

Tasks that should be done through the day multiple times:
Wipe down the countertops
Take out the trash
Washing utensils such as cutting boards, knives, spoons, tongs, etc.
Brushing the grill or surface that is used to directly cook

Tasks that should be done at the end of each day:
All of the items listed above should also be done once more before closing for the night as well as…
Sweep and mop the floors
Wash the coffeepot and containers that are no longer holding food
Clean the microwave, fryer, and sinks

Tasks that should be done weekly:
Clean the ovens
Empty the fridge and freezer of old food
Empty and sanitized any coolers or ice machines

Tasks that should be done monthly:
Wash the walls and ceiling
Deep clean the fridge and freezer

This list is not all-inclusive but is a good starting point for new food truck owners. Should you have specific questions on cleaning your food trucks, or information on how APEX custom food trucks and trailers maintain their longevity, give us a call – 800-259-4804 or visit

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