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Our Pre-Built Units

APEX is renowned as the first specialty builder to offer a pre-built series of pre-designed and pre-engineered food truck units! APEX designed these pre-built units based on previous popular food trucks we built. Being in the industry for over 13 years, we understand customers want their food trucks quick! Although our specialty custom builds take some time in design and production, these pre-built units are ideal for someone needing to get on the road fast.

Keeping your Food Truck in Operation

Whether you have a successful restaurant or are just getting into the food business, operating a food truck is a unique trade. There are clear cut ways to stay in business, but there are also items that might not be as obvious.

The first step to keeping your serving window open is gathering the proper permits and paperwork.

Why You Should Invest in a Mobile Business

With the unknowns of COVID and the restrictions on brick and mortar businesses that have happened already now is the time to look into a mobile business. During this time mobile businesses have become more popular. Mobile businesses have many benefits that brick and mortars won’t be able to obtain.

How custom food trucks are built

Building a food truck can be overwhelming especially because of the significance of the investment it is. The more customization that goes into a food truck makes the process more complex. Let’s break down the process to better understand how a custom food truck is actually built.

Industries We Serve

Mobile Medical & Disaster Relief
Many healthcare providers are transitioning to mobile units across the nation. A mobile medical unit allows healthcare providers to reach those in need easier. Instead of only hosting clients at their office, they can host clients in locations that are easily accessible to those in need.