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How custom food trucks are built

Building a food truck can be overwhelming especially because of the significance of the investment it is. The more customization that goes into a food truck makes the process more complex. Let’s break down the process to better understand how a custom food truck is actually built.

Once the decision is final that the customer wants to expand, or start, a business in the food industry there will be an initial consultation with our team. In this meeting, the customer’s vision, goals, and specific details about the build will be discussed. We highly encourage the customer to have this meeting at our office so that they can see our shop and see other trucks that are in the works. Being able to physically see other trucks being built helps get the customer excited to start on their own.

After all of the technical information is mapped out, we required a design deposit to be put down to start piecing the build together. Our designers spend between 30-40 hours strategically creating 3D renderings of what the truck could potentially look like once it is completed. These concepts will be sent back to the customer in order to get approval to move on or make edits. Sometimes, but not always, a second design retainer could be required to further make edits to the design concepts.

Upon all the final design being approved by the customer a building committee will be formed. In this phase, a timeline can be laid out which will show what APEX plans to get done when and much the customer must pay along the way to ensure that the build continues. Typically, the manufacturing process takes 4-5 weeks, however, with more complex designs this could be extended.

Finally, after the build-in completed APEX will run tests to ensure that everything is working properly. When the customer comes to pick up their vehicle our team will provide onsite standard operation training. Prior testing and training will qualify the customer for our 5-year industry-leading warranty.

At APEX we want our customers to have a stress-free journey when creating the truck of their dreams. Once the process is over, we will still be here to answer any questions, help with concerns, or add upgrades to your vehicle. If you still have questions on how the process works, or are ready to start your build, please contact us at 800-259-4804.

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