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Industries We Serve

Mobile Medical & Disaster Relief
Many healthcare providers are transitioning to mobile units across the nation. A mobile medical unit allows healthcare providers to reach those in need easier. Instead of only hosting clients at their office, they can host clients in locations that are easily accessible to those in need.
Local to us the Kansas City Health Department chose APEX as the specialty builder for their Mobile Exam Unit, which is a Multi-Configurable Custom Mobile Clinic & Command Center. The custom mobile clinic is aimed at serving hundreds and thousands of residents in the Kansas City Metropolitan area. The Health Departments' initiatives were to gain exposure in the Kansas City area while providing immunizations and basic healthcare needs at convenient locations. This multi-functional truck also has the ability to serve as a centralized command center during times of disaster or immediate assistance. To learn more about KCHD’s build take a look at their Project Spotlight.

Food Trucks & Catering
APEX has custom built many specialty food trucks and trailers across the nation. Our custom food trucks and trailers have no limit to the design and what is included in the mobile unit. We have built everything from typical taco trucks to extremely complex double-decker pizza busses. Our units are built to satisfy the needs of our customers. Our engineer team will create the design based on exactly what you need and want in the specialty vehicle.

One of our customers recently came back for a second truck! Originally, The Happy Lobster approached APEX Specialty Vehicles to partner on the design, engineering, and fabrication for their food truck. This food truck was an extension of their business and they knew exactly what they needed in their unit. APEX has an in-house design and engineering team that partners with clients to visually, structurally, and functionally bring their project to life using 3D rendering and design software.
The fully-custom truck is equipped with stainless-steel finishes,
microbial flooring, and high-quality equipment to sling food to their customers all day long.

Marketing & Merchandising

Many of the specialty builds at APEX are marketing and merchandising vehicles. We have built mobile stores, specialty boutiques, merchandise trucks for sports teams, and several other custom vehicles across the nation. These units are always built custom due to the products needing to be displayed differently. Instead of purchasing a brick-and-mortar store these customers realized being able to drive to popular events and park in convenient locations would allow them to be more seen in their community! Just because a mobile unit might be less square feet doesn’t mean the aesthetics of your store need to be sacrificed! Our design teams listen to what you need and create a custom vehicle that showcases your brand and products!
APEX designed a merchandising truck for Reebok that showcased specialty Philadelphia Flyers merchandise! Being mobile allows them to reach fans anywhere in the city at any time!
The merchandising truck has a 40-inch LED TV and outdoor waterproof speakers capable of airing Flyers video highlights and games, halogen lighting, and a number of display cases with LED lighting. This unit takes the fun of the game on the road straight to the fans!

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