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How Food Trucks Have Helped During National Disasters in the Past

How Food Trucks Have Helped During National Disasters in the Past

One of the biggest advantages of choosing a mobile platform for your business is the flexibility that comes with the vehicle. The ability to move your business wherever it needs to be in the drop of a hat can create many opportunities for the business owner. One opportunity in the past that arose for food trucks owners across the nation was to respond to national disasters that happened. Food trucks were a great option to provide those in need with food during a very difficult time. Rachel Perkins from Delivery Concepts INC. discusses the support the food trucks brought to the locations in need.

“Food truck mobilization for disaster relief is not a new concept. In fact, food trucks delivered food and beverages for both Hurricanes Irma and Harvey. Food trucks were even there to help at the Las Vegas shooting tragedy,” Perkins stated.

Their Impact

Food trucks across the nation traveled to Houston, Texas to provide support. Being mobile allowed them to quickly pack up and support those affected quicker than most restaurants could. Food trucks are mobile which allows them easy set up to be able to serve food and get the meals where they are needed most. The workers are providing nourishment with fresh water and food to those in need. Some of the trucks are custom designed to include a rest area that can allow first responders to take a moment to relax or a short nap if needed.

Food truck owners having the ability deliver hot food and cold drinks to responders and victims of the disasters is just another example of a huge benefit of a mobile vehicle. The ability to travel wherever they need or want is something a typical business will never experience. If your business could benefit from a food truck, reach out to us and we can discuss what we can do to help you.


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