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Revamping School Lunches

Revamping School Lunches

August just started which means schools will be back in session soon and lunch ladies, or men, will be back in the cafeteria. Some kids may be excited to get back to the classroom, but not many will be thrilled about the same old lunch food every other week. The USDA has specific standards for what can and cannot be served in cafeterias which makes it hard to spice things up. With their backs against the wall, school districts searched for ways they could incorporate more tasteful food into the lunchrooms.

Schools began to turn to food trucks to come to visit their campus, but this allowed for no control over what was served. This is where the idea of school districts owning their very own food trucks was born! Maintaining the food truck that would live on campus gives full power as to what goes on inside and what food is distributed. Schools that operate their own trucks have the ability to utilize the business as a learning experience whether it be in the kitchen or at the cash register. It also allows students the opportunity to gain hands-on experience with cooking and finances outside the traditional classroom.

This way of serving lunches also opens up more paths to generate revenue. These food trucks do not have to be for lunch and school hours only but can also be used as a fundraising avenue that is open to the community. Placing the truck at sporting events or other community events would bring in an extraordinary amount of revenue that can be put back into the school district.

How could your school benefit from running their own food truck business? If you are ready to start the process of creating your very own truck contact us today!

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