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Disaster Relief & Mobile Command Trucks

Disaster Relief & Mobile Command Trucks

When designing a disaster relief truck, APEX Specialty Vehicles suggests the following tips for consideration when designing a mobile command center. APEX then presents a 3D rendering that allows the customer to visually understand where each item of the command center will be placed. The difficult part of a mobile command center build is the interior can become very cluttered quickly if items are not placed to save space. It’s imperative that each element inside of the mobile command center has a mandatory or dual purpose. For example, can the sitting area serve as a fold-out bed? Can the walls become desks that fold down as needed?
This life-saving truck can help with natural disasters, emergency situations, and sanitary crises. Give victims a break from the weather while responding to the disaster.
Life-saving equipment options:
• Water purification
• Firefighting capabilities
• Mobile medical unit
• Conference room area
• Interior and exterior workstations
• Custom fabricated cabinets
• Diesel-fired furnaces
• Generator

Many agencies or nonprofit teams are unfamiliar with available options to increase efficiency and workflow. By not having an experienced builder can cost an agency not only time and money but additional headaches and repair and fitting costs down the road.

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