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Platform to Build Food Trucks On

Platform to Build Food Trucks On

When creating a mobile restaurant there are several different platforms one can choose from to build upon. The most common platforms are Ford or Freightliner step vans and 12-foot trailers. A unique stage that is becoming more popular in recent years is shipping containers. APEX Specialty Vehicles recently created a food truck that revolved around the shipping container concept.

Andy and Cathy Craig, owners of 13 Bones urban BBQ, wanted an extremely unique food truck which is why they selected a shipping container as their building frame. Let us look at what else made their food truck special aside from its framework.

The Craig’s wanted to have an entire wall of windows that allowed customers to see inside their kitchen. The window-wall also opens with swinging doors to create an entirely open concept between the cooks and customers. This open concept alone sets the 13 Bones food truck apart from its competitors because no one else has anything like it!

No other food BBQ truck serves a variety of food like the 13 bones does. The Craig’s did not want to limit themselves to one specific type of BBQ because they have crafted so many flavors from across the region! Read more about how these new food truck owners are getting their business underway.

To craft a food truck that will give you a distinctive edge over your competition contact us and let us discuss your “paper napkin idea” as Andy Craig would call it.

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