Let’s face it, the food truck industry is flooded with mediocre, possibly questionable, food trucks and food trailers. However, when you see the higher quality, custom food trucks, they stand out for the right reasons and typically have the longest lines to accompany. Let’s explore 5 Tips to Set Your Food Truck Apart from Other Food Trucks. We spoke with some of our current customers who had existing food trucks or brick and mortar restaurants and wanted to get these tips out to anyone considering a food truck. Let’s get started!

5 Tips to Set Your Food Truck Apart from Other Food Trucks

  1. Trust your builder. Not all builders are created equal. From the lower price point builders utilizing lower quality equipment to the higher end builders with industrial-grade equipment and top-notch fabrication, as a consumer, you need to be sure you’re informed and educated about your selection. APEX Specialty Vehicles is a food truck builder located in Kansas City, Missouri, but also builds specialty food trucks and food trailers for customers across the US, including Texas, Florida, New York, California, Colorado, DC, and many others! From the initial conversation with the builder, you should have an understanding of their process that ultimately provides you with the necessary information to make an informed business decision. From APEX’s standpoint, we offer our customers a fine-tuned process that provides the design and engineering of their concept prior to the fabrication process beginning. Our process is focused on understanding the customers’ needs and providing a Scope of Work, 3D Renderings/Drawings, Pricing, and a Timeline so the customer has all of the elements needed to proceed with their build.

  2. Understand the Design of Your Truck.
    5 Tips to Set Your Food Truck Apart from Other Food TrucksAPEX is different from other builders because of our investment in design and engineering. We have 3 full-time engineers on staff that bring your vision to fruition, and along the way identify any constraints, issues, efficiency opportunities, and equipment substitutions to increase your throughput. Our engineers have the software to create 3D renderings of both the exterior and interior of the food truck, providing you with a clear vision of exactly what we will build. Many other high-quality builders do not offer in-house engineers, or have the services, but not to the depth that APEX does.

  3. Know what Cooking Equipment is Included.
    As you begin the research and educational process of implementing a custom food truck, it’s important to understand what cooking equipment to use in a custom food truck to yield the greatest return and throughput. What type of food will you be cooking? What needs to be refrigerated? Fried? Sauteed? Baked? Many factors should be considered when deciding on the interior cooking equipment to use in a custom food truck. Allow APEX’s in-house design and engineering team to help you configure the best solution for your specific needs. Your builder should have the experience and knowledge to understand your needs and provide a solution that fits your objectives. 

  4. Custom Paint & Graphics Package.
    A picture is worth a thousand words… or within the food truck world, a graphic wrap on your food truck is capable of attracting extra customers. People love the visibility, vibrancy, and tastefulness of a custom paint and graphics job that is done correctly. APEX has an in-house paint booth that is capable of mixing and applying any color, along with your full graphics package. Are you ready to really set yourself apart from others? This is a crucial difference between drab and fab!

  5. Impeccable Finishes.
    An APEX food truck build can be spotted in a line-up. The attention to detail, custom finishes, and true craftsmanship is hard to miss. Our team has been fabricating food trucks, marketing trucks, and food trailers for nearly 10 years and our quality speaks for itself. Other builders may have great quality and finishes, but with APEX, you know you can expect it every time.

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We hope you found this article on 5 Tips to Set Your Food Truck Apart from Other Food Trucks insightful as you continue on your path to a food truck. Are you ready to get started?