Representatives from Austin City Taco Co. came to APEX Specialty Vehicles in September of 2018, looking for a custom specialty food truck, a fully-contained, state-of-the-art mobile kitchen designed to serve high volumes of gourmet tacos throughout the Fort Worth area. The catch? Austin City Taco needed their food truck fast – the experts at APEX had 45 days from design to deployment!

Concept & Design

APEX Specialty Vehicles took on the challenge, partnering with Austin City Taco to design, engineer, and build a taco truck that will hit the road before their brick and mortar storefront opens in March 2019. The one key factor that no other builder could guarantee: a complete turnaround time of 45 days.

The VP & Director of Operations for Austin City Taco Co., Thomas Quoyeser, credited the APEX website and our detailed design, engineering and build process for catching his team’s attention. Initial interest lead to a thorough discovery stage, the design and engineering process, followed by procurement and the manufacturing process. APEX’s commitment to the tight turnaround time was another deciding factor in choosing a builder.

“{During our initial conversations} we addressed our time frame, and your team jumped on the chance to make it happen. And here we are today, picking it up – on time, so that’s a great thing,” Mr. Quoyeser said as he picked up the vehicle on November 12, less than two months after first contacting the APEX team.

“This very tight timeline is not an ordinary request from our customers, so we had to make some accommodations to meet the customer’s needs. We already had a generator in stock, which cut down on the lead times for that significantly. The customer was also very responsive when we requested crucial build information to ensure the project met the timeline. All aspects of the project ran very smoothly, and was a true partnership between Austin City Taco and APEX,” said lead engineer, Lee Stoppelman.

Build Process

Each aspect, from the interior configuration of the kitchen equipment to the exterior branded graphics package, was specifically designed and built for Austin City Taco Co. As the company’s owner Cameron Powell pointed out, the equipment within the truck is laid out to maximize the production and serving area and allow for an efficient workspace. From the Point-of-Sale station to the sandwich area, each square foot within the truck was methodically designed and engineered to meet the needs of Austin City Taco. On the day of the big reveal, Mr. Powell completed an educational tour of the truck from APEX’s lead engineer and summed up the truck in two words: “Phenomenal build.”

As a leading builder of high-end food and marketing trucks for national restaurants and brands, APEX welcomed the design and engineering complexity of the Austin City Taco project. This offered an opportunity for all facets of APEX’s production process to push the envelope, from business development, design, and engineering to production and fabrication. The truck incorporates many features that are unique to custom builds and will be essential as Austin City Taco hits the road to feed Fort Worth.

More about Austin City Taco

In March 2019, Austin City Texas Co will be opening a brick and mortar location in Fort Worth, TX, so the food truck will be arriving in time to raise brand awareness, pique interest, and ultimately gain some loyal taco lovers. The food truck and brick and mortar will work hand in hand to accomplish the same goal… provide the best tacos to the Fort Worth area. You can find more info on the Austin City Taco Co on their facebook page – and Instagram –

Bring Your Idea to Fruition

Are you ready to launch a food truck business? Check out this article that outlines the Top 10 Questions to Ask a Custom Food Truck Builder. The key is to select a builder that is experienced and understands the importance of the design and engineering stage of the process. This is an aspect of the process that sets APEX aside from many of the other builders. The APEX process includes a significant portion of time and dedicated staff to the design, engineering, and exploration stage of the process. Before the APEX team even begins the build, the design and engineering phase should be fully complete and agreed upon by the customer. Check out the APEX project portfolio to get a better visual of the projects our team has completed.

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