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Food Truck Tips for Winter Weather

In many areas across the country, it’s time to discuss some basic tips for winterizing food trucks. If you’re a food truck operator veteran, you know the drill; however, if you’re new to the growing food truck trend, read the below basic tips for winterizing food trucks as we approach the cold winter months. If you’re…

Mobile Exam Truck Helps Fight the Flu

APEX selected as the Specialty Builder for Health Department Mobile Exam Unit The city of Kansas City selected APEX as the Specialty Builder for Health Department Mobile Exam Unit, which is a Multi-Configurable Custom Mobile Clinic & Command Center. The custom mobile clinic will serve hundreds and hundreds of residents in the Kansas City’s Northland area. The…

Mobile Trailer Serves Desserts

Sweet treats deserved in a non-traditional storefront! Let's explore different ways to serve desserts - specifically in a mobile trailer! APEX Specialty Vehicles recently completed a custom trailer, Lindy Lu's Sweets & Bakery.

Spotlight: Mobile Trailer Serves Desserts

Lindy Lu's Sweets & Bakery wanted to build a mobile dessert trailer that serves the Branson, Missouri area with specialty coffees, cocoas, fresh baked cookies and ice cream.

Project Spotlight: Custom Cajun Sampling Truck

APEX Specialty Vehicles has partnered with hundreds of national brands and restaurants across the United States. This project spotlight: custom cajun sampling truck that APEX built for Tony Chacheres demonstrated their engineering and design capabilities.

Marketing Vehicles Add ROI

Marketing has many different interpretations used within brands and agencies to food truck operators and retailers. From social media to promotional and experiential campaigns, this article will be exploring a few examples of how marketing vehicles add ROI and can truly bring an element to your brand or company that has not been discovered.

Custom Food Trucks Gain Popularity in Hawaii

Aside from the natural beauty, luaus, and volcanic eruptions, Hawaii is one of the latest locations to step into the food truck frenzy. In fact, custom food trucks are continuing to gain popularity in Hawaii as the industry as a whole has reached over $1 billion {source: https://www.

Project Spotlight: Smart Mouth Pizza

APEX Specialty Vehicles partnered with Smart Mouth® Pizza, an Atlanta-based company that provides restaurant quality pizza to middle schools and high schools in the Southeast region. This innovative brand is known for its nutritious and delicious food that continues to gain popularity on traditional school lunch menus.

5 Food Truck Trends for Fall

From artisan doughnuts and acai bowls to super food smoothies and pumpkin spice, mobile food trucks can be innovators when experimenting with menu options, especially as the seasons change. This article highlights 5 Food Truck Trends for Fall that will ensure any food truck remains relevant and instagram-worthy!

Food Truck Trend #1: Seasonal Ingredients
Many food truck owners/operators take control of their own ingredient purchasing.

Restaurants Expanding Into Food Trucks

Over the years the DNA of a food truck owner and operator has shifted. While some food trucks are truly entrepreneurs taking their passion of cooking to the road, a shift has occurred. In fact, the food truck industry continues to evolve and that entrepreneurial segment is only a small portion of the specialty food truck market.

Designing Beyond Food Trucks

Large brands, entrepreneurs and even corporations have taken steps outside the box when it comes to marketing and brand awareness initiatives. Long gone are the days of mainstream marketing for customer retention. In 2019, customers want, and expect to feel a connection to your brand that will pique their interest and resonate with their lifestyle.