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Project Spotlight: B’s Kitchen

APEX Specialty Vehicles has partnered with hundreds of national brands and restaurants across the United States to bring their vision to fruition. Recently we completed B’s Kitchen, a Mexican and Italian food truck located in Kansas City, Missouri.

B’s Kitchen is a unique build because it is actually built on a used platform.

Truck VS Trailer

Which is the better option to pursue when starting your business? The answer depends are what you need to run your business. When going into the food truck industry, the physical platform can make one business stand apart from its competitors. It is important to consider all your options before deciding what is best for you.

Food Trucks Gear Up for Summer

Memorial Day came and went with a blink of an eye, so you know what that means... it's the start to summer! The change in seasons always lightens the moods of such a long and dreary winter and brings along a welcoming surge of warm sunshine and fresh produce.

Food Trucks Hit Busy Season

The dogs days of summer are here, so let's check out some summer food truck tips to ensure you are taking advantage of the increase in traffic, and versatility in the menu. The busy season of food trucks is here, and it's time to welcome new customers with open arms, exceptional customer service, and an unforgettable meal.

Grilling Up Success with a Custom Food Truck

Summer is the perfect time for BBQs, pool time, and soaking up the sun. This summer may look much different than year’s past, but many restaurants are finding alternative ways to generate revenue and get their business out there. This article will highlight some of the ways businesses are Grilling Up Success with a Custom Food Truck.

Expanding Business into Catering

Food trucks have mainly found their source of revenue at high-traffic events. However, in the midst of the current COVID pandemic when events seem to be highly restricted or even non-existent, food truck versatility has altered into a new space. Catering has allowed many food truck businesses to continue revenue during this unprecedented time.

What Details Matter When Designing a Food Truck

How many times have we heard… “it’s all in the details?” This is even more prevalent in the food truck industry because competition is at an all-time high and people form a judgment on your mobile food truck within seconds of seeing it. Let’s explore What Details Matter When Designing a Food Truck to gain a better understanding of what to focus on during the design and build process.

Colorado Food Truck Business Continues to Expand

Food trucks have gained exceptional popularity in Colorado over the past few years, as has the rest of the country. Cited from, according to several market research firms, the food truck industry is growing at an annual rate of around 7.9 percent, which is immense in comparison to the yearly restaurant industry growth rate of 2 percent.

3 Ways to Repurpose a Food Truck for Other Uses

Food trucks are mobile businesses that offer multiple solutions for restaurants and caterers. Beyond food trucks, specialty vehicles can be repurposed for many different configurations. Let’s explore 3 Ways to Repurpose a Food Truck for Other Uses that may serve as an additional revenue stream, especially in this unprecedented time.

5 Out of the Box Uses for Custom Vehicles

5 Out of the Box Uses for Custom Vehicles

A custom vehicle can be defined as many things… food trucks, delivery trucks, linen trucks, and beyond! Specialty builders like APEX Specialty Vehicles design, engineer, and build out step vans for out of the box uses.