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Designing Beyond Food Trucks

Large brands, entrepreneurs and even corporations have taken steps outside the box when it comes to marketing and brand awareness initiatives. Long gone are the days of mainstream marketing for customer retention. In 2019, customers want, and expect to feel a connection to your brand that will pique their interest and resonate with their lifestyle.

Project Spotlight: Custom BBQ Trailer

Some of the greatest food truck and trailer inspiration comes from the ideas and implementation from others. We're going to take a look at a Project Spotlight: Custom BBQ Trailer to get some designer and engineering tips!

Let's begin with the customer vision:

Big D's BBQ Branson reached out to Kansas City's APEX Specialty Vehicles for a custom-built BBQ smoker trailer that will be traveling around the Branson, Missouri area serving smoked BBQ creations at community events, festivals, catering events, and weddings.

Ways to Stand Out in the Mobile Food Truck Arena

As a food truck owner and operator, you are always trying to find innovative ways to stand out in the mobile food arena. It can be daunting as you’re competing in a $2.7 billion industry (, 2017) with rapid growth of 300% in three years.

Food Truck Must-Haves for Fall

This article will provide some great ideas for Food Truck Must-Haves for Fall, including festive menu ideas, the prime locations, and truck maintenance tips. APEX Specialty Vehicles builds a select number of high-end custom food, marketing, and retail trucks/trailers each year.

How Sampling Trucks Generate Revenue

Many brands use sampling tactics to create an experience around their brand. A custom sampling truck can be custom-built to fit the needs of a variety of products, including alcohol, food, or lifestyle brands. Understanding how sampling trucks generate revenue can be a key element as you develop a brand marketing strategy. Focus on the…

Project Spotlight: Food Trucks for Veterans

Specialty step van builds are not limited to restaurants or caterers taking their business into the mobile sector. There are many others ways that high-end builders like APEX design and fabricate projects “outside the box” shown through this project spotlight: Food Trucks for Veterans. APEX Specialty Vehicles had the honor to design, engineer and build a…

How to Develop a Marketing Strategy For Your Food Truck

Whether you have an existing food truck, are expanding your fleet, or are an entrepreneur at the beginning stages of building a food truck, this article is applicable to each of you. The need to have a solid and measurable marketing plan is essential, so following this outline on how to develop a marketing strategy…

5 Tips for Building a Custom BBQ Trailer

BBQ trailers not only differ in complexity and functionality, but they also greatly range in length and throughput. As a leading custom BBQ trailer fabricator, APEX Specialty Vehicles has experience building standard size trailers (18-ft to 22-ft), and most recently was recognized as building the largest BBQ trailer in the country, coming in at 42…

Designing a Mobile Command Center

Designing a mobile command center can be overwhelming if you’re not familiar with the custom fabrication process. APEX Specialty Vehicles is offering some insight that will be helpful while you navigate the process. Local and state municipalities or even national organizations find mobile command centers to be one of the most practical solutions for in-the-field…

Culinary Food Trucks are the Next Big Thing

It’s no surprise that food trucks are continue to gain popularity, and many colleges and educational institutes are taking notice. From high school culinary arts curriculum to college culinary business courses, custom built food trucks are offering the best of both worlds – an educational and hands-on experience on a mobile platform. Let’s check out…