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Platform to Build Food Trucks On

When creating a mobile restaurant there are several different platforms one can choose from to build upon. The most common platforms are Ford or Freightliner step vans and 12-foot trailers. A unique stage that is becoming more popular in recent years is shipping containers.

Disaster Relief & Mobile Command Trucks

When designing a disaster relief truck, APEX Specialty Vehicles suggests the following tips for consideration when designing a mobile command center. APEX then presents a 3D rendering that allows the customer to visually understand where each item of the command center will be placed.

How much does a food truck cost?

Food trucks and other specialty vehicles are a large investment. When customers hear our starting build price more often than not, they are shocked. On average an APEX vehicle starts at $80,000 - $100,000. However, when it is all said and done a fully custom build usually costs between $85,000 and $600,000. These numbers can seem big and intimidating at first glance, so let’s step back and discover what goes into the end price tag.

Layout is Key

Whether you're designing a food truck or trailer, merchandising vehicle, or a mobile command center the interior footprint is critical for an efficient workspace. Even within each industry, every specific unit must be different to cater to the owner's needs.

Best-in-class Team Building Your Custom Truck or Trailer

The Graphics
People love a vibrant custom paint and graphics job that is precise and eye catching! Specialty vehicles aren’t complete without a unique custom wrap on the outside to impress your customers and attract new people. Here at APEX we have an in-house paint booth that can skillfully mix and paint any color flawless to the outside of your build.

Revamping School Lunches

August just started which means schools will be back in session soon and lunch ladies, or men, will be back in the cafeteria. Some kids may be excited to get back to the classroom, but not many will be thrilled about the same old lunch food every other week.

Our Pre-Built Units

APEX is renowned as the first specialty builder to offer a pre-built series of pre-designed and pre-engineered food truck units! APEX designed these pre-built units based on previous popular food trucks we built. Being in the industry for over 13 years, we understand customers want their food trucks quick! Although our specialty custom builds take some time in design and production, these pre-built units are ideal for someone needing to get on the road fast.

Keeping your Food Truck in Operation

Whether you have a successful restaurant or are just getting into the food business, operating a food truck is a unique trade. There are clear cut ways to stay in business, but there are also items that might not be as obvious.

The first step to keeping your serving window open is gathering the proper permits and paperwork.

Why You Should Invest in a Mobile Business

With the unknowns of COVID and the restrictions on brick and mortar businesses that have happened already now is the time to look into a mobile business. During this time mobile businesses have become more popular. Mobile businesses have many benefits that brick and mortars won’t be able to obtain.