It’s no surprise that food trucks continue to gain popularity, and many colleges and educational institutes are taking notice. From high school culinary arts curriculum to college culinary business courses, custom-built food trucks are offering the best of both worlds – an educational and hands-on experience on a mobile platform.

Let’s check out a few examples showing how Culinary Food Trucks are the Next Big Thing

A school district in the St. Louis area partnered with their food service provider and launched a food truck that offers real-world experience to their students. The students design the menu, and the students operate the mobile restaurant.

The food truck travels to different schools within the district offering their international cuisine options, but also expands into an avenue for revenue.

The food truck can be booked for special school events. This is a true example of how a custom food truck can be used as an educational mechanism offering real-world experience, but can also generate ROI for the culinary arts program. Check out more on this innovative learning opportunity here:

Many college and universities are offering food truck programs, including Northwest Culinary Institute in Vancouver, WA. The hands-on culinary program offers the curriculum-based cooking techniques, knowledge, and presentation skills, but it also instructs on the business must-haves to begin a food truck. The educational element is allowing the students to be set up for success, however, the one element that is detrimental in the success is investing in a food truck.

Many food truck builders offer quick and cheap solutions that may be appealing to students and educators investing in a food truck. However, without an educated fabrication and design team, your investment may be set up to fail. High-end builders like APEX Specialty Vehicles have extensive experience building custom food trucks for successful caterers, restaurant chains, national brands, and entrepreneurs.

The difference between a high-end builder like APEX and a less experienced builder is the investment of a design and engineering team. APEX focuses on the upfront design and engineering process and takes the time to listen to your needs. From that point, our in-house design and engineering team meets to establish a layout that would best fit your needs. Understanding the differences in an educational food truck layout and a pizza food truck is imperative and can make or break your success. A 3D design is presented to our customers prior to any fabrication or procurement beginning. Once the customer is satisfied with the design of the custom food truck, APEX will begin the build process. This is not the standard operating procedure for other food truck builders, as they rush the build and deliver mediocre products.

An example of a culinary food truck that APEX built was for Northwest Arkansas Community College’s Brightwater Center for the Study of Food.

NWACC approached APEX to design, engineer, and build a high-end educational culinary food truck. The objective is to offer restaurant-grade cooking equipment, real-life business skills, and hands-on learning. APEX was very excited to embark on this hybrid between traditional classroom-style learning and the mobility of a food truck, so APEX’s design and engineering team offered suggestions for the interior configuration. An element that NWACC wanted to incorporate that was different from other college culinary food trucks was the integration of alternative energy – rooftop solar panels. The solar panels were mounted on the front portion of the step van’s roof and are utilized to supplement the traditional generator and direct power solutions. Click here to hear from the program director’s experience at APEX. 

APEX Specialty Vehicles is the premier fabricator for food trucks, experiential vehicles, and specialty projects. Focusing on design, innovation, and product endurance, APEX has provided exceptional quality over the past ten years in business, providing over 700 brands and restaurant owners a superior build averaging 98% success rate years after completion. APEX houses a state-of-the-art facility of over 50,000 square feet with an in-house design and engineer team, project managers and certified fabricators installed the highest quality equipment.

Quality is king, and APEX is committed to providing the highest quality process, product, and post-service. As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, APEX integrates continuous improvement into their business model and works to achieve the best possible product for our customers.

In addition to providing an exceptionally built custom vehicle, APEX backs our fabrication with an unmatched 5-year warranty. APEX supports and facilitates the repair process for any warranty/craftsmanship issues, no matter where in the country the truck is located.

If you are a culinary student or educator and would like to learn more about a custom-built food truck, please reach out. We’d be happy to explain the process and answer your questions!  800-259-4804

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