Wrap Up the Process With APEX

We know how the famous saying goes – don’t judge a book by its cover, but when it comes to food trucks the cover (or wrap) definitely matters. APEX has professional, custom food truck wrap designers on staff to transform your business.

Showcase your brand and turn heads.

At APEX, one of our favorite aspects of our process is our custom food truck and trailer wrap designs. The designs are absolutely beautiful works of art, created by our professionals who have a keen eye for design. When a wrap is applied, it acts as a giant driving billboard to promote and showcase your brand.

Essentially, wraps are an enormous custom-designed sticker that covers either the entire body of your truck or trailer or certain areas. It truly is up to the customer and the business.

The benefits of wrapping a food truck

A Moving Billboard

By using your company’s logo and creating a unique aesthetic, your wrap can promote visibility for your company. Some of our clients wish to put the menu on the truck to allow their audience to see what smells so good inside. Others resort to a simple schema, or designs correlating to the brand. Regardless, any brand placement printed onto the wrap serves as a driving advertisement that is unique to the company.

Brand awareness

When your logo is placed on any sort of item, it creates awareness for your brand to whoever notices it. When your logo and brand qualities are placed on a wrap, that’s successful brand awareness. As your truck is parked serving customers or is driving down the road, it’s acting as a moving form of advertising.

What’s in a wrap?

Our creative design process

We design your wrap uniquely tailored to your brand’s identity. Your company’s logo and brand elements are applied to the wrap design to be both aesthetically pleasing and to catch your customers’ eye. At APEX, our team of trusted design engineers collaboratively understand your company’s ins and outs to effectively convey an appealing design that will model your brand voice.

The design comes to life

After your wrap is meticulously designed, it is printed onto a durable, sleek vinyl material. This sticker-like material is able to combat the sun’s rays and any environmental factors that mother nature may throw your way. Once it’s printed, it’s laminated to assure resistance. This will help to keep it in pristine condition.

Careful placement

Placing a wrap on a truck or trailer is a challenging, tricky procedure. The wrap is designed to fit all abstract areas of your truck. Our team at APEX carefully and precisely lays the wrap over the truck like a glove without any creases or folds showing. If for some reason it’s needed, wraps can be removed and don’t ruin the paint job beneath.

Adding a custom wrap to your food truck provides positive brand awareness for your company. Just ask some of our recent customers.

Now, that’s a wrap. Contact APEX today!

Whether you’re looking to replace an existing wrap, revamp your look, or purchase a new food truck/trailer give APEX a call.  We’ll talk to you about your project, zero obligation!

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