APEX is the only fabricator of custom food trucks and trailers to pre-design, pre-engineer, and build SPEC models, placing them on our lot for customers to purchase and begin generating ROI immediately. This SPEC series allows the customer to receive the design and engineering that is completed with all APEX projects, and receives the high-quality superior APEX craftsmanship and build quality while eliminating the build time of a standard build. APEX recently partnered with a business owner in Branson, Missouri, that had an immediate need for two food trailers, one for their pizza business, and one for their BBQ restaurant. APEX was the only food truck builder across the country to have custom, already-built trailers on our lot providing the solution for exactly what the customer needed. The image to the right shows the SPEC pizza food trailer, and the after photos to the left show the transformation of the fully branded trailer that was perfect for the owners’ needs.

APEX was able to support our customers to reduce the amount of down time for their business.

Custom Food Trucks & Trailers – From SPEC to Specialty

So, you may be asking what the key differences in custom-built food trailers and how the pricing be so wide spread? This post is written from the viewpoint of APEX, a leading custom builder of high-quality food, marketing and promotional trailers. We’ll review 5 Key Differences in Custom-Built Food Trailers to demonstrate why APEX trailers are an investment that offers peace of mind that your trailer will be on the road generating ROI and will have minimal downtime. Let’s take a look!

5 Key Differences in Custom Food Trucks & Trailers

Hand-Built from the Ground-Up

APEX trailers are far from standard supplier quality. Our trailers are hand-built from the ground-up. Every inch of the framework, walls, axles, roof, and floor are custom-built by our in-house team of talented and experienced craftsmen. The durability and performance of each food trailer that hits the road is undeniably the highest quality amongst all of the food truck builders.

 Technology Meets Trailer Build

As technology continues to evolve, APEX invests in our processes and production team to ensure we are utilizing the most technologically efficient products. The engineering and design software we use will seamlessly bring your vision to life with our hand-made trailers. The latest technological advances in cooking equipment, airflow, integration and capacity are seen throughout all of our builds across all marketing and retail uses.

Built Code-Compliant
APEX builds food trailers to meet even the most stringent codes. With extensive experience building trailers for New York and Washington, our team will ensure your trailer is outfitted to code with consideration to all factors: mechanical functionality, aesthetics, safety/health compliance, and business codes. Our high quality builds have received numerous comments from the inspectors on quality and textbook compliance that accompanies the trailers.
Custom Food Trucks & Trailers

Unmatched Trailer Warranty
Most trailer builders are less expensive than APEX, and offer the industry-standard warranty of six months. As a boutique builder, APEX does not operate a high volume production line for trailer manufacturing. Our ability to build each trailer around the clients’ constraints creates a far superior product that is built to specifications, instead of the clients’ vision being altered to fit an off-the-shelf trailer option.

Customizable for Any Type of Cuisine

APEX trailers can be outfitted to fit any food type, ranging from pizza and BBQ to Asian and Mexican. The high-quality equipment added to each trailer built provides the customer with the most efficient and effective production capacity. Bring your concepts to us, and we will build your vision… from the ground up!

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