Known for the richest and most-dynamic history of country music legends, the Grand Ole Opry continues to create one-of-a-kind experiences for fans of all ages. The Opry has once again pushed the envelope with an innovative concept to retrofit an existing 1948 bus into an undeniably unique experience for visitors onsite at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, TN.

In an effort to preserve the extraordinary experience one has while at the Opry, the Grand Ole Opry team approached APEX Specialty Vehicles to complete specific customizations and upfitting needs. This objective aimed to bring the 70-year-old bus into a fully functional mobile kitchen and experiential photo stop along the Grand Ole Opry show experience. The bus will reside on the Nashville Opry property and function as an extension of the Opry to ultimately generate an additional revenue stream and enhance the visitor experience and excitement.

Unique Features of the Custom Vehicle for Grand Ole Opry

A really unique and cool fact about the bus (besides the super cool retro look) is that it was Otis Redding’s tour bus, so it comes with its own deep history of country music. When the Grand Ole Opry brought the bus to APEX’s Kansas City fabrication facility, the APEX design and engineering teams were ready to accept the unique challenge of converting the living space of the bus into a fully-functional and high-end kitchen.

APEX engineers stated that the rounded contours and overall shape of the bus were one of the very unique challenges of the specialty design-build process. Many of the APEX-built custom food trucks originate from a step van, which is squared and naturally has a more spacious work area. The 1948 retro bus was rounded, which made the custom fabrication and installation of the steel sheet metal a little tricky. The difference in APEX builds is that so much engineering and design work goes into the front-end of the process that there are little to no surprises once the build actually begins. The APEX fabrication team worked directly with the engineering team to address these unique circumstances, and — as with all APEX builds — the solutions for the Opry’s challenges were collaboratively devised and implemented.

Check out the video walk-through of the Grand Ole Opry bus, and if you’re in the Nashville area be sure to stop in!

About the Grand Ole Opry:
What began as a simple radio broadcast in 1925 is today a live entertainment phenomenon. Dedicated to honoring country music’s rich history and dynamic present, the Grand Ole Opry showcases a mix of country legends and the contemporary chart-toppers who have followed in their footsteps. The Opry, an American icon and Nashville, Tennessee’s number-one attraction, is world-famous for creating one-of-a-kind entertainment experiences for audiences of all ages.

It’s been called the “home of American music” and “country’s most famous stage.” Every year, hundreds of thousands of people make pilgrimages across town or around the world to the Grand Ole Opry to see the show live. Millions more tune in to Opry broadcasts via a mobile app, SiriusXM Satellite Radio, Nashville’s 650 AM WSM, and on and

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