As a leading specialty truck and trailer builder fo national brands, APEX Specialty Vehicles also has extensive experience with custom builds. A recent build was completed for Zume Pizza, a West-coast company that is adding a unique twist to pizza delivery. Zume’s team partnered with APEX’s engineering and design experts to bring their vision of a double-decker specialty bus to fruition. Before we learn more about the Zume Pizza double-decker bus, let’s explore what experiential marketing truly is…

Experiential marketing is an out-of-the-box way of capturing the attention of customers. Many brands find the use of a custom experiential marketing vehicle to be a perfect solution of raising brand awareness, loyalty, create social buzz, and ultimately leave a lasting impression. From 3D fiberglass to virtual reality, experiential vehicles can be designed and engineered with some really cool options. A builder like APEX has an in-house design team to layout a custom 3D design during the proposal process. This will allow the brand to gain an understanding of the layout prior to the build process beginning. However, not all food truck builders are equipped and specialized to handle experiential marketing projects. Be sure you ask questions!

What brands have you built for in the past?
What was the most unique project you’ve designed and built?
Can I speak with a few of your customers? 

Knowledge is power!

Double Decker Bus Built for National Brand

The double-decker bus is the latest addition to Zume Pizza’s fleet of mobile pizza delivery trucks. The bus is equipped with a fully operational kitchen on the lower part of the bus, and the open-area upper level is a seating area that offers panoramic views of the city. The spiral staircase was designed and engineered to safely serve as access to the upper-level seating area.

Zume Pizza’s engineers and designers worked with APEX’s, to create each feature of the bus, to include all technical, lighting, and audio/visual components. The double-decker bus was intended to operate nationwide and to create that WOW feature referenced so often with experiential marketing.  This particular 1964 English double-decker bus was selected by Zume and brought to APEX to be elevated and truly brought to fruition with input and innovation from APEX and Zume partnering up to think and design outside the box.

Many custom builders across the United States have experience building vehicles beyond food trucks. However, not all builders invest in the process, and the design and engineering needed to achieve greater throughput and ROI. APEX specializes in the design process and works with the customer to understand their needs.

The APEX design team generates a 3D rendering so the customer will understand the layout and make any configuration changes before the project hits the production floor. The upfront investment from APEX into the design reduces the changes once the vehicle begins the build process. Over the past 12 years, APEX has built some cool projects beyond food trucks, including:

    Display/Educational: showcase products and educate the customer on the brand
    Product and Brand Awareness: create a fun atmosphere (or an experience) encouraging engagement with your customers (examples include product samples, live music, food trucks, games)
    Experiential: engage your audience, and get people talking! In today’s market, all buyers are used to immediate gratification, so bringing an experience to your customers creates a lasting impression, along with a social media presence (free PR!). Your visitors are likely to whip out their cell phones, take pictures/videos, and post on social media outlets. Just a tip…. have your handles and hashtags ready to go!
    Government/Task: build a custom vehicle that is able to execute the needed task, whether it be serving veterans meals or recruitment trucks and trailers for the armed forces. Let’s look at a project when APEX was designing beyond food trucks.

For example, one of APEX’s clients, Friends of Public Radio KJZZ, had a mission to create a multi-purpose vehicle targeting younger segment with a food truck in the rear of the truck, and a fold-down stage and recording studio for local artists. The ability to integrate the two uses into one vehicle allows for dual branding and partnering, which ultimately decreases each business portion of the upfront investment. In addition, this gives visitors to the vehicle a better, more memorable experience.

For more examples of specialty builds beyond food trucks, check out APEX’s case studies and portfolio. If you’re ready to proceed into the design and engineering phase of your project, reach out to APEX’s experts! 800-259-4804