As many restaurants are expanding into the food truck realm, here are some tips for expanding your food truck footprint successfully and logistically. Let’s explore the excitement of expansion, but also look at the do’s and don’ts to ensure the success is matched with quality and your company’s vision.

3 Tips for Expanding Your Food Truck Footprint

The tips in this article have been compiled by the highest quality food truck and trailer builder in the country, APEX Specialty Vehicles. APEX has a customer base primarily of restaurants wanting to expand into the food truck business versus expansions with brick and mortar. The customer base has a vision, understands the process of designing, engineering the project upfront, and appreciates the superior craftsmanship and finishes on each APEX build. Let’s get into the tips for expanding your food truck footprint!

Tip #1: Location, location, location

It’s important to conduct market research and evaluate the needs of adding a food truck to an existing circuit. Will you be adding an additional food truck in the same city, state, or area; or will you be expanding across state lines, etc? Just as real estate hinges on location, location, location, the food truck industry is contingent on success based on the location of your food truck or trailer, in proximity to crowds and events.

Tip #2: Objectives of Additional Food Truck

Is the additional food truck intended to begin an entirely different business function that you were currently not doing, such as catering, or weddings/corporate events, etc? Or, is this additional food truck intended to serve as an exact replica of the existing food truck(s) and run the same business, just in another location? Be sure you understand the full business plan for each of the food trucks, as they should be treated as separate business entities. Remember, each food truck tends to resemble a brick and mortar restaurant, and some run as franchises, others offer different services at each location. Be mindful of your goals, and communicate those effectively to your customers.

Tip #3: Trust your food truck builder

Are you planning on using the same food truck builder as your first food truck? What changes would you make? The important element of the success of your expansion is reliant on the food truck builder.  APEX Specialty Vehicles has a selective process and only builds 48-52 food trucks or trailers a year. Our process is fine-tuned, and emphasizes the design and build process prior to the fabrication beginning. This is a different mentality than other builders, as APEX does not rely on ‘back of the napkin’ or on the whim builds.  The process has been proven to be successful, and trickle down to our customers’ 98% success rate. See the below 10 questions to ask your food truck builder to ensure you are ready to proceed with them.

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Are you ready to expand your business, but need a partner to answer your build questions? Give APEX a call! 816-853-3360

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