So you may have heard who won Super Bowl LIV?! Kansas City…. population of 2.34 million avid Chiefs fans are most certainly celebrating this week since the historic win last weekend! Kansas City is definitely the hub for sports fans, awesome restaurants and bars, and innovative business growth. The food truck industry is sweeping KC by storm and really surging with premier businesses/restaurants jumping on the successful bandwagon. Centrally located in Kansas City, the premier food truck and trailer builder has established a presence to hundreds of national brands and restaurants around the country.

APEX Specialty Vehicles is the go-to supplier for high-end food trucks. Although APEX has a solid reputation for custom food trucks for restaurants, franchisees, and catering companies, their portfolio continues to expand into mobile broadcasting/radio trucks, display vehicles, product demonstration trailers, and marketing vehicles. Many custom-built food trucks and trailers around Kansas City have been built at APEX locally, and are the most ROI-producing food trucks on the road.

APEX’s manufacturing headquarters is located in the Kansas City area within its 50,000 sq ft facility. When googling a list of food truck builders, the number of results may be long and daunting, so knowing how to separate the “job shops” from the high-end manufacturers is imperative.

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Why consider APEX for your next specialty vehicle?

APEX has been building food trucks and trailers in the Kansas City area for over twelve years. The CEO, Brad Carlson, began his venture in college and continued to push the envelope to make the APEX standard one that has never been set by other builders. “Our team takes pride in producing top-quality solutions that defy expectations and go beyond the norm. Innovation is in our blood. APEX has an undeniable recipe that allows our team of creative geniuses to thrive in a process-focused environment that drives the most spectacular craftsmanship in our industry. Our team loves what they do and it shows—from the first phone call to final delivery of your masterpiece,” stated Brad Carlson.

Here are six reasons to consider APEX:

#1: 3D Design
Each customer receives a 3D image of their custom food truck design during the proposal process. With APEX you get to see the setup of your truck before you even sign a contract.

#2: Built In-House
APEX is one of the only builders in the nation that staff over 50 full-time, in-house food truck engineers, builders, and project managers. Because we don’t outsource any work, our team works flawlessly to make the magic happen.

#3: High Standards
When we finalize your design in the proposal process, APEX has zero variance build quotes. This means you’ll know exactly what your mobile unit will cost and there are fewer surprises during the build process.

#4: No Surprises, really! 
We install only high-quality appliances, use only the highest quality steel and metalwork, and with quality installation processes that make sure your new truck rules.

#5: On-Time Delivery
APEX has a 98% on-time delivery success rate. An inaccurate mobile food truck or trailer delivery date can have an impact on many other parts of the roll-out, and ultimately the ROI. We strive to meet the promised date that we provide during our quote process.

#6: Warranty
APEX offers a 5year warranty for each premier mobile food truck or trailer that we build. APEX supports and facilitates the repair process for any warranty/craftsmanship issues, no matter where in the country the truck is located.

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